Rajon Rondo Facing Lawsuit, Woman Alleges He Shoved Her in Parking Garage Dispute

by Atlanta Northcutt

NBA veteran Rajon Rondo is facing a $1 million lawsuit after a woman claims Rondo violently shoved her in a parking garage, resulting in permanent disablement.

The four-time NBA All-Star intensely denies the claims made by the woman who filed the lawsuit.

Lawsuit Claims the Attack Left Permanent Injuries

Throughout all of the turmoil and physical abuse, the woman expresses she couldn’t defend herself, and the assault left her physically injured, with those injuries being bad enough to result in “permanent damage.”

“The case is meritless,” Rondo’s attorney Mark D. Baute tells TMZ Sports.

“I have seen the videotape. Mr. Rondo was polite throughout the encounter, the claimant was not wearing a mask and was unstable and rude. We look forward to defending the case and winning.”

The Allegations Against Rajon Rondo

According to the lawsuit filed by Toktam Jorshari, she pulled into the Los Angeles apartment complex she and Rondo’s girlfriend both live in. She inadvertently blocked the entrance to the driver’s side door of Rajon’s Rolls Royce SUV.

Once Rondo saw his door was blocked he became hysterical, allegedly yelling and threatening the woman.

“B***h, why do you think you can park here?” he allegedly shouted.

Jorshari accuses Rondo of making her fear for her health and safety due to his mask slipping down, exposing his nose as he allegedly continued screaming at her.

The lawsuit claims the situation became violent as Rajon “extended his arm, pushed and shoved [Jorshari] against her vehicle.”

The woman also says his physical attack “was so violent and forceful that [Jorshari’s] sandal shoe flew off her foot and her keys which she held in her hand flew out of her hand and broke into two pieces when the key fell onto the ground.”

According to Jorshari, while she was on the ground, Rondo’s girlfriend jumped in, becoming involved in the fight, as she “proceeded to repeatedly physically attack [Jorshari] by striking her in the area of her head and upper body.”

The parking garage’s video surveillance tape holds all of the evidence against Rajon Rondo, claims Jorshari. She is currently the one in possession of it.