Rob Gronkowski Hilariously References Nephew After Scoring Pint-Sized Touchdown

by Halle Ames

In a recent tweet, Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski makes a hilarious reference to his nephew’s saying.

Rob Gronkowski took to Twitter to share a photo of him spiking the ball in the end zone while referencing how short the distance was to get there. 

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers beat the Minnesota Vikings 26 to 14. The win extends the Buccaneers record to 8 and five for this season.

“1 catch, 2 yards, but like my nephew said, “BUT IT WAS A TOUCHDOWN!” #MyCauseMyCleats, it was #ForTheKids!”

Hey, the ball doesn’t lie. A touchdown is a touchdown no matter how you turn it. 

Rob Gronkowski My Cause My Cleats

For the 31-year-old New York native, he chose to show off his blue and orange custom cleats for his My Cause My Cleats game. His shoes supported his charity, the Gronk Nation Youth Foundation, and had the logo along the ankle strap.

According to the foundation’s website, the group “is dedicated to inspiring youth to reach their maximum potential through sports, education, community, and fitness. Our mission is to help kids stay actively involved in school and sports and provide them with the tools needed to help them follow their dreams and live a happy and more successful life.” 

Gronk says that a child’s upbringing is the most important time of their life. He credits his success to his family and childhood. All five of the Gronkowski have been professional athletes with four of them playing football and one who played baseball.

“I remember having everything accessible to me,” said the 6’6″ player. “If we wanted to play in the backyard, we could. If we wanted to play in a baseball league, our parents could sign us up, and we could play in a baseball league. I just felt like it was definitely an advantage to have all the tools and all the equipment growing up to help lead me down a successful path.”

In addition, Rob Gronkowski is selling the cleats on NFL Auction for the foundation. The current bid for the shoes is at $1,250, with 26 days left in the auction. Twenty-one people have bid on the shoes so far.