Ronald Jones Breaks Off 98-Yard Touchdown Run, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Fans Lose It

by Halle Ames

Today the Tampa Bay Buccaneers took on the Carolina Panthers in a game that left Buccaneers running back Ronald Jones needing a breather. 

With nearly eight minutes left in the third quarter, Tom Brady hands off the ball to running back Ronald Jones at the Buccaneers’ two-yard-line. Jones breaks free of all Carolina defenders and is unstoppable as he barrels down the field. 

Jeremy Chinn gets close to Jones at the Panthers 30-yard-line. Chinn makes a last effort at a diving tackle, however, is left empty-handed. 

Jones takes it all the way for a 98-yard touchdown. He helps extend the Buccaneers lead to 26-17. 

The touchdown run was the longest offensive touchdown in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers franchise history. In addition, he is the fourth player in NFL history with a 98 plus yard touchdown. 

Today, Jones showed out, with the best game of his career, with 192-yards and averaged 8.3 yards per carry.

Buccaneers Fans on Ronald Jones

Tampa Bay fans went wild on Twitter in hopes of their team furthering their record to 7 and 3. 

Turn Around

Earlier in the game, Ronald Jones fumbled the ball after taking a hit from Panthers linebacker Shaq Thompson. Panthers safety Tre Boston recovered the ball at the Buccaneers 33-yard-line. It took the Panthers seven plays to get a touchdown and led 7-0. Tampa Bay fans were furious and called for Jones to be pulled from the game

After Jones redeemed himself with the lengthy touchdown, they were quick to change their minds.

Scheduling and Stats

The ending score of the game is 46-23, with the Tampa Bay win. This loss brings the Carolina Panthers record to 3 and 7 this season.

Next week the Buccaneers take on the Ram, who has a current record of 5 and 3. The Rams are currently playing the Seattle Seahawks.

The Panthers will play the Lions next week, who have a record of 3 and 5.