Ronda Rousey Sends Moving Message to Her Unborn Daughter Along With Baby Bump Pics: ‘Never Felt More Powerful’

by Leanne Stahulak

Mixed martial artist and WWE wrestler Ronda Rousey poured a lot of feeling into a heartfelt Instagram post to her unborn daughter today.

She announced her pregnancy this past April and expects to deliver sometime this fall. Rhonda Rousey and her husband Travis Browne only recently found out that they’ll be having a girl.

Though Rousey takes care of her two stepkids from Browne’s previous marriage, this is her first time carrying a child for herself. And according to her Instagram message, she has a lot of thoughts and feelings about the experience that many first-time mothers share.

“I can not wait to meet this baby-to see what she’s like, how’s she’s uniquely her, how she’s like me and her dad. I’m dying to see the color of her eyes. What’s her laugh gunna sound like? When she clears her throat is she gunna do it same way me and my mom do?” Rhonda Rousey starts off by saying.

But pregnancies are anything but easy, and Rousey wasn’t afraid to share the trails she’s encountered so far.

Ronda Rousey Talks The Struggles Of Being Pregnant

“I wish I could say that pregnancy feels amazing, that I’ve never felt more powerful as a woman,” Rhonda Rousey writes. “But it feels more like my organs are being crushed by the miracle of life. I’ve never felt more exhausted, unmotivated or aware of gravity. Some days I have to lay on my side for hours just to comfortably breathe.”

She continues by saying, “There’s no break, it’s a grind, I’m just trying to get through one day at a time. How is it possible to feel hungry nauseous and bloated at the same time?”

Ronda Rousey even jokes about the physical effects of carrying a child.

“This baby is gunna be some kind of superhero cause I swear she’s eating all my muscles. Has anyone seen my butt? I can’t find it.”

But some of her biggest fears and unanswered questions stem from the aftermath of delivering her daughter.

“Honestly the looming task of giving birth is intimidating as hell. I almost died when I was born – Is baby gunna be okay? I’m not so much afraid of the pain of labor as intimidated by the recovery. Am I gunna need a c-section? Am I gunna prolapse? Are my abs never gunna come back together again? Will I tear open to my butthole and dread pooping forever?” Ronda Rousey writes.

Rousey Talks Things To Be Thankful For

At the end of the day, Rousey is incredibly thankful for her husband and all the support he’s given her.

“Not a day goes by without him telling me I’m beautiful, sexy, loved, and appreciated. He holds my belly to give me breaks from carrying, gives me bites of everything he’s eating, then drags me hissing into the sunlight when I wanna go full Gollum,” Rousey said. “He makes me proud to put on a swimsuit and show the world what I sometimes want to hide from myself.”

Rousey also expressed her love for the daughter she’ll see soon.

“Baby in my belly, I’m already so in love with you, I’ll do anything for you – sign me up for a five year coelacanth pregnancy if need be. I’m not gunna lie and say even just a few months hasn’t been a pain in the ass – but you’re worth it all and more. Eat some muscles, dance on my bladder, split all the abs and buttholes you need to come safely into this world. Mama can’t wait to meet you.”