Russell Wilson Wants to Change NFL’s Overtime Rules Because Even NFL Players Think They Stink

by Quentin Blount

Seattle Seahawks star quarterback Russell Wilson has a crazy idea on how the NFL can make overtime better for both the players and the fans.

The Seahawks quarterback made an appearance alongside the Manning brothers during ESPN2’s broadcast of the Monday Night Football game. That game was played between the Las Vegas Raiders and the Baltimore Ravens. And as the game was looking like it might head into overtime, that’s when Wilson proposed his bold idea.

“You go 15 minutes, an extra quarter, or however long that extra overtime is, and then if nobody scores, we all end in a tie and go home?” Wilson asked. “How terrible is that?!”

The eight-time pro bowler definitely has some say in the league. But it is going to take more than just his opinion to change the NFL’s overtime rules. In any case, Russell Wilson believes that if the 10-minute overtime period ends in a tie, that the game should be left up to the fate of the kickers.

“I’ve got a crazy idea. Imagine this right here,” Wilson began. “Imagine we went through this whole thing, this 10-minute overtime, or whatever, nobody scored. You come back in for another coin toss. Do the coin toss… The Raiders come out for a second coin toss, and they win it. So now you get to choose, for one kick — are we going to kick it, or are they going to kick it? You have to kick it from the 35, or maybe the 40.”

Wilson probably would have continued to talk about his overtime proposal, but his time was cut short when ESPN cut to a commercial break.

NFL Fans React to Russell Wilson’s Overtime Proposal

How do you feel about Russell Wilson’s latest overtime proposal? It’s definitely interesting, there is no question about that. Think about all of the games that you’ve seen end right as time expires thanks to the foot of a kicker. It happens more than we all probably think, so it wouldn’t be that crazy of a change to make to the overtime period.

But it’s safe to say that at least on Twitter, the reaction to Wilson’s idea was met with mixed results.

“Russell Wilson coming up with maybe the worst overtime solution possible,” one fan commented.

“Russell Wilson just came up with the absolute worst overtime idea I’ve ever heard,” another person said. “This is can’t miss content.”

And while it seems like the entire Twitter timeline sounded off about Russell Wilson and his overtime change, there were a few fans out there who were just happy to see an NFL star propose something different than what’s currently in place.

“Love Russell Wilson trashing the NFL overtime rules,” another user tweeted.

There have certainly been some debates about hot-button issues in the NFL over the years. And the league’s overtime rule is no exception. We’ll have to wait and see whether or not the NFL takes Wilson’s new idea into consideration.