Shannon Sharpe Hilariously Trolls JuJu Smith-Schuster’s Dancing After Rough Game

by Thad Mitchell

Despite retiring from the National Football League several years ago, Shannon Sharpe still has a competitive attitude. The former Denver Bronco and Baltimore Raven brings his well-known edge where ever he goes.

Sharpe has spent the last few years as an NFL analyst for Fox, where his competitive nature in on full display. After the Cincinnati Bengals defeated the Pittsburg Steelers on Monday Night Football, Sharpe took to social media to “troll” Steelers receiver Juju Smith-Schuster.

Before the game started, Smith-Schuster could be seen performing a pregame dance routine. While a pregame dance isn’t anything out of the ordinary, the wide receiver chose to do his dancing on the Bengals’ midfield logo. Several of the Bengals players took offense to Smith-Schuster’s action and let him know about it. The receiver made several Bengal players angry, including safety Vonn Bell. Smith-Schuster likely now regrets making Bell angry.

Bell leveled Smith-Schuster with a nasty hit during the first quarter of Monday night’s matchup. ESPN broadcaster Mike Tirico may have best described the play, saying Bell “blew up” Smith-Schuster with the devastating hit.

Shannon Sharpe Responds to Juju Smith-Schuster’s Antics

After the game, Sharpe uses social media to express his thought on Smith-Schuster deserving the hit from Bell.

“Sent Corvette, Corvette to the body shop tonight,” the former All Pro tweets. “Don’t Tik Tok on the logo.”

Sharpe concludes the tweet with several laughing emojis. He also includes a photo with his head pasted onto Vonn Bell’s body with a cigar hanging from his mouth.

Sharpe then decides that one tweet on the subject wasn’t enough and puts out another social media post mocking Smith-Schuster’s actions.

“Juju might need a new car,” he says in the post. “The Corvette, Corvette isn’t fast enough to get away anymore.”

The Bengals defeated the Steelers b a final score of 27 to 17.