Shannon Sharpe Questions Russell Wilson After Early Playoff Exit, Says He Has to Prove Himself

by Matthew Wilson

Former NFL player and analyst Shannon Sharpe is calling out Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. Sharpe blames the quarterback for Seattle’s recent loss.

The Seahawks recently buckled in a match-up against the Los Angeles Rams that had even Seattle wide-receiver DK Metcalf fuming. The Rams beat the team 30 to 20, taking them out of the playoffs this season. Sharpe is placing the blame for that loss directly at Wilson’s feet.

“He let Russ cook. Russ burnt the dinner,” Sharpe said. “That’s what he did. Call it what it is. Russ didn’t play well each of the last three second halves. Russ is going to have to show he can win a playoff game without the legion of boom and tat. He hasn’t played well in any of the playoff games.”

Shannon Sharpe Breaks Down Seattle’s Stats

After the loss, many blamed offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer, who was fired after three years with the team. But Sharpe believes that criticism is unfair. Under Schottenheimer, Seattle’s wide receivers broke franchise records. Both DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett posted record-breaking years.

“When you look at what he did, he talks about they need to run the ball,” Sharpe said. “Seattle was sixth in rushing average, 4.8 a carry. They were 12th in rushing yards at 123. What about those interceptions? Russ threw nine interceptions in those five losses. And a lot of them were horrible. He threw another one last week.”

Sharpe also brought up the fact that for the past three seasons Wilson has performed worse in the second half.

For instance, Wilson leads the MVP charts during the first half of the season. But Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson ultimately took home the honors over Wilson. To Sharpe, that signals a sharp decline in the athlete as the season goes on. He believes more people need to take a closer look at the quarterback.

“Call it like you see it,” Sharpe said. “Man, we got to stop blaming all these coaches for everything. Russ failed.”