Shannon Sharpe Slams Green Bay Packers CB Kevin King for Allowing Easy Last-Second TD

by Jon D. B.

Tom Brady plays for keeps. And according to Hall of Famer Shannon Sharpe, the Packers’ CB Kevin King… does not. He’s holding nothing back on King after allowing for the Buc’s easy – EASY last-second touchdown.

Is the NFL Brady-biased? No. Couldn’t be. Not with his spotless history in the league. Or this tweet:

“TOM BRADY WANTS IT ALL,” tweets their official Twitter account amidst the Bucs v Packers Championship game.

Shannon Sharpe Lets Loose on Kevin King

And then there’s Shannon Sharpe – gunning for King. The “Undisputed” host & 3X Broncos Superbowl Champ isn’t pulling any punches when it comes to his interpretation of this – some would say – ridiculous touchdown:

“K. King is awful. You can’t give up a go route with 6 secs in the half bad football,” Sharpe blasts. Damn!

Shannon Sharpe comes with plenty of backup, too. Fans are… unhappy with King’s performance, to put it plainly.

“Worst corner in football, been saying it for 2 years now,” says fan Solarith in a direct response.

“This is killing you inside, i know it,” responds another of Sharpe’s followers.

Some, however, will always blame Brady. No matter what:

“I’m telling u, Tom Brady is a bad dude,” responds NFL fan Bash with a slew of laughing emojis.

But another Shannon Sharpe follower takes the cake. He knows Sharpe’s history here, and knows King’s shortcomings are eating the Hall of Famer up inside:

Sharpe’s History of No-Holds-Barred Callouts

As an analyst, Shannon Sharpe is no-holds-barred. We know it. His fans know it. Twitter definitely knows it.

Just recently, Sharpe was calling out Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson in a similar fashion, too. In short: “Sharpe blames the quarterback for Seattle’s recent loss,” says Outsider’s Matthew Wilson.

“The Seahawks recently buckled in a match-up against the Los Angeles Rams that had even Seattle wide-receiver DK Metcalf fuming. The Rams beat the team 30 to 20, taking them out of the playoffs this season. Sharpe is placing the blame for that loss directly at Wilson’s feet,” Wilson adds.

“He let Russ cook. Russ burnt the dinner,” Sharpe said. “That’s what he did. Call it what it is. Russ didn’t play well each of the last three second halves. Russ is going to have to show he can win a playoff game without the legion of boom and tat. He hasn’t played well in any of the playoff games.”

For more on this callout, head to our Shannon Sharpe Questions Russell Wilson After Early Playoff Exit, Says He Has to Prove Himself next.

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