Shaq Busting the Dance Moves Out in a Parking Lot is the Video We Needed Today

by Charles Craighill

Yesterday, the former NBA superstar and current NBA analyst Shaquille O’Neil, otherwise known as Shaq, busted out some dance moves getting out of his car. He posted the video to Tik Tok yesterday evening dancing to the song “He Hell” by Trap Commander. The hilarious video looks like it takes place in some kind of parking lot.

The extremely large and well dressed NBA champion stepped out of a car that seemed impossible for him to fit into. The dance moves, however, prove that Shaq still has some of his elite athleticism displayed in his NBA playing days. The NBA analyst has been as much an entertainer as an athlete for his entire career. So these spontaneous dance moves don’t come as a surprise, but rather a welcome expectation.

Shaq Expands Beyond the NBA

Recently, Shaq has expanded his talents and opinions beyond the NBA and on into professional fighting. Recently, during an NBA on TNT halftime show, Shaq challenged the professional wrestler Cody Rhodes to a wrestling match to take place in March.

“Before we go to that, Cody Rhodes, you little punk. Do you want a battle? Yo Just name the time of the day, I’ll be there,” O’Neal said looking right into the camera. “You little punk, with your little blond hair, you look like a little girl. You want some of the Shaq Attack? Name the place. Matter of fact, let’s do it in March. How about that?”

Cody Rhodes responded to Shaq’s challenge on the All Elite Wrestling’s “AEW Dynamite” episode. It looks like the match might happen on March 7 during the AEW “Revolution” Pay Per View. The match with Shaq had whispers of happening long before his challenge, however, those plans changed with Cody Rhodes’ wife Brandi got pregnant. Hopefully, we will get to see the match on March 7th.

Most Americans have grown accustomed to seeing Shaq on NBA on TNT as one of the Halftime Show hosts. However, this would not be the first time he has made an appearance in the ring. He participated in Wrestlemania in 2016 as a participant in the Andre the Giant Battle Royale. He even appeared as a guest referee in the match with The Big Show and in Monday Night Raw in 2009.