Steve Austin Shares Hilarious Story From ‘The Longest Yard’: ‘They Didn’t Have a Stunt Double for Stone Cold’

by Jennifer Shea

Pro wrestler turned actor Steve Austin shared a funny story on an episode of “The Pat McAfee Show” about his days filming “The Longest Yard,” a 2005 movie about a football game of convicts against guards.

Steve Austin Couldn’t Believe There Was No Stunt Double

“They didn’t have a f***ing stunt double for me,” Austin revealed. “When we filmed that movie, we started out in New Mexico. It was hotter than blazes. Standing out in the sun. Pat, I got up to 275 for that. I’d been playing running back.”

“You know when you try to run through those tires, and you’re holding the football?” he added. “And I’m thinking, ‘Are you kidding me? They don’t have a stunt double for Stone Cold Steve Austin?’”

Role Wasn’t a Stretch

Austin admitted he really enjoyed working on the film in a 2005 interview with IGN Sports. Everyone on the set was laid back, he said. And he’s grateful for the break that “The Longest Yard” represented.

“I know I’m really lucky,” he acknowledged. “Everyone out here in Los Angeles is trying to do whatever to break into films. It is a tough industry to get into, kind of like pro wrestling in a lot of respects when you think about it. The body of work, all the years of working my ass off paid off and I’m really excited. Hey, I’m just trying to pay some bills. I don’t like using the term ‘going Hollywood’ but that’s where it’s located, so that’s what we’ll call it.”

Moreover, he said, his part in “The Longest Yard” wasn’t difficult to play. After being a pro wrestler, he didn’t have to push himself to get into character. 

“This role wasn’t a stretch for me,” he confessed. “Now I’m not going to call myself Marlon Brando by any means, but I had fun playing my part. It was pretty simple.”

Still, Austin did have to hide his dismay that there’d be no stunt double taking the hits for him.

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