Tennis Player Jack Draper Collapses on Court at Miami Open

by John Jamison

19-year old Jack Draper collapsed on the court during the Miami Open on Thursday. With temperatures in the mid-80s and humidity at 75%, the Florida weather took a toll on the young British tennis player. Thankfully, he recovered quickly and is in good health.

It was his first-ever match on the ATP (Association of Tennis Professionals) Tour.

Draper was given medical treatment after he showed signs of exhaustion, but he decided to carry on. Following this, the young player attempted to hit a ball back to his opponent, Mikhail Kukushkin. Draper collapsed in the process.

Video from Tennis TV shows the scary moments from the match.

Jack Draper Walked Off Under His Own Power

Medical staff ran to his aid where they were able to help him to his feet. Jack was able to walk himself off of the court under his own power but decided to retire from the match.

According to the New York Post, Draper talked to reporters after the match. He made a point of saying that he hadn’t truly collapsed but tripped.

“On the last point, I didn’t collapse. I actually just tripped because I was starting to feel really dizzy and stuff,” Draper said.

“In the last couple of hours, I have been with physios, trying to recover as best as possible, just trying to look after myself and move forward.”

Draper also mentions that he had COVID-19 in January, “I got it, it’s obviously an extremely aggressive virus and you can catch it from anywhere, but I got it and it did affect me quite badly for seven days.”

“I’ve put in loads of great training since then, so it’s no excuse, but did it have an effect on me at the time? Probably.”

He doesn’t claim it as an excuse, but for an athlete at his level, a severe illness like that would presumably have an impact on his stamina.

Professional athletes are constantly pushing themselves to the limit, and tennis players are no exception. Jack Draper’s scary situation today is a reminder that sports are incredibly demanding on the people playing them.

We wish Jack a full recovery and good health going forward.