Terry Bradshaw Tells Kelly Clarkson About His Failed Pole Vaulting Attempt: ‘Scared Me to Death’

by Will Shepard

In an interview on Kelly Clarkson’s show, Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw tells some incredible stories. One specific story, as it turns out, is the time that Bradshaw pole vaulted in high school.

Start at the 4-minute mark for talk of pole vaulting

Amongst a clip of Bradshaw talking about getting his back freshly waxed, he also talks about his high school sports days. According to the Hall-of-Famer, he was not a good quarterback in high school and instead played track and field. And Clarkson presses him on the issue in the interview.

Bradshaw’s Recounting Of The Story

Once in a while, Bradshaw graces the internet with some ridiculous stories of his life. And this story from “The Kelly Clarkson Show“, among a number of others, is pure comedy. Bradshaw begins by explaining that the poles the athletes use back then are made out of Aluminum. Rather than using fiberglass or carbon fiber that pole vaults are made from now. The conversation went as follows:

Clarkson says, “Wait, the Aluminum isn’t pliable… then it doesn’t bend.”

But Bradshaw offers a quick retort, “Back then you just jump on the stick and went over the thing.”

“What I did, I noticed that a lady had a bunch of bamboo growing out in her yard. And I knocked on her door and I said, ‘Can I have one of those bamboo trunks?'” Bradshaw continued.

Bradshaw Single-Handedly Changing The Sport

He continues by adding: “She says, take all you want. So I went and cut me like a twelve foot bamboo pole, about that big around [gesturing with his hands, a few inches in circumference]. And I drug it home, about a mile and a half and I hung it from a brick in a tree limb and a heavy brick at the bottom to straighten it out. And then I cut it down and put electrician’s tape at one end and then the other end. Then I got a shovel and dug up the dirt in the yard so if I landed, it’d be somewhat soft.

“Then on a Sunday, I was showing off and I wanted my mom and dad to watch me… I guess I put on weight by the time [the bamboo] cured and so they’re watching me and I ran through the gumball (sweetgums) tree… and I stuck the pole in the ground and I got about halfway up and [the pole] snapped… and I landed on my back in that pit that I was supposed to have dug up. And I had the air knocked out of me, and I had never had the air knocked out of me before.”

“So obviously I thought I was dyin’, just laying on the ground with my hand up in the air,” he concluded.

Clarkson was in disbelief and laughed throughout the story. Even though Bradshaw tries to revolutionize the sport, it snapped off just a little bit short.

As per all things Bradshaw, this video is a hilarious recounting of his childhood days before he turned into a football superstar.