Texas Fan Challenges Defensive Coordinator to a Fight After Heartbreaking Loss

by Matthew Memrick
texas-fan-challenges defensive-coordinator-fight-after-heartbreaking-loss

Texas fans are some of the most passionate football fans around and, after Saturday’s crushing defeat by Kansas, one fan challenged the Longhorns’ defensive coordinator to a fight.

I mean, why not. It could help get those emotions out. The fan might end up in jail, but I’d pay to see that fight.

According to a social media post, the fan Rilley (real name unknown) said the Texas defensive coordinator needed a little butt whupping

“If you’re on board any where PK I’ll be in Austin this week,” Rilley said. “Let’s (expletive) throw down. If I win, you get the (expletive) out of Texas and go back to the west coast. If you win, you can stay and “coach” your (expletive) two high safety defense. Spoiler alert I’m going to kick your (expletive)! (Expletive) you!”

For the record, the website Wikifame listed Pete Kwiatkowski at 5-foot, 10 inches. We can’t do a tale of the tape since the fan’s vitals aren’t known.

And Rilley wasn’t the only fan calling for Kwiatkowski’s head after the loss. Do a quick search, and you’ll see people calling for the defensive coordinator’s head.

Texas Loss Was Devasting

Up until Saturday, The Jayhawks had not scored more than 35 points on the season. Against, the Longhorns they saved something up with their 57-56 victory.

I mean, Kansas put up 420 yards of offense against the Longhorns. And the Jayhawks played a backup quarterback. Jalon Daniels threw for 202 yards, completed 70 percent of his 30 passes, and finished with four total touchdowns in the mammoth road upset.

Texas still could make a bowl with two more wins this season. The Longhorns have to play at West Virginia next week and finish the season by hosting Kansas State. So there’s a chance for something.

Then again, this poor effort doesn’t look great for their upcoming move to the SEC. But I’m sure cellar-dweller Vanderbilt can’t wait for the Longhorns to come.

Texas Coordinator No Spring Chicken

Kwiatkowski joined Texas first-year coach Steve Sarkisian in Austin before the season started.

Long known as a top defensive mind, Kwiatkowski got a long defensive pedigree. He’s got 15 years between his alma mater Boise State and Washington.

When Texas hired the coach, he wasn’t the first choice. But the college football world respected him.

“This guy has really been a kind of a thorn in my side over about the past decade — every time we’ve butted heads with him, whether it was at Boise State or at the University of Washington,” Sarkisian told Burnt Orange Nation. 

Sarkisian complimented Kwiatkowski, saying he did a tremendous job of working in a “collaborative effort with his staff” and that he puts together “a game plan from week to week that puts players in the best position to be successful.”

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