Texas Rangers Honors Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan with American Flags Draped Over Seats

by Josh Lanier

The Texas Rangers took time before Wednesday’s game to honor the 13 Marines killed last week in two suicide blasts in Afghanistan.

The Rangers cordoned off a section in the stands and draped 13 flags over the seats before the team’s loss to the Rockies. The team also held a moment of silence for the deceased before playing the national anthem.

The Rangers join other teams and thousands of Americans that are remembering those killed in the Aug. 26 blasts that rocked the Kabul Airport. Along with the 13 Marines, nearly 200 Afghans died in the ISIS-K attack.

The Department of Defense recently released the names of the 11 men and two 2 women Marines that died in the attacks. Among them are an expectant father from Wyoming, the son of a California police officer, and a medic from Ohio, Reuters wrote.

They were America’s final casualties in the war. U.S. Marine Lance Corporal Kareem Nikoui died in the attack. He was born in 2001, the same year the conflict began.

President Joe Biden authorized drone strikes against high-value ISIS-K targets in retaliation for the attacks.

Many people have gone after Biden for how he handled America’s final months in Afghanistan. His national security officials admitted they miscalculated how quickly the country would fall to the Taliban.

Biden, however, defended his actions vehemently when speaking to the press Tuesday.

“My fellow Americans, the war in Afghanistan is now over,” Biden said from the White House. “I’m the fourth president who has faced the issue of whether and when to end this war. When I was running for president, I made a commitment to the American people that I would end this war. Today I’ve honored that commitment.”

Rangers Join Other Teams In Honoring Military

The Texas Rangers aren’t the only team paying respects to the military. The Nebraska Cornhuskers released a video on Thursday to honor America’s first responders.

In the video, Cornhuskers outsider linebacker Damian Jackson walks down a street in his uniform holding an American flag. The former U.S. Navy Seal leads a parade of fans through downtown Lincoln to Lady Bri’s powerful song “This Will Be The Day.” Several first responders also join Jackson at the head of the cavalcade. Those include soldiers, airmen, a nurse, doctor, firefighter, and a police officer.

Jackson shared several photos from the filming to his Instagram.

The 270-pound Jackson walked onto the Nebraska team in 2017. He first proved his talents on the defensive line and earned a scholarship to play linebacker in 2020. When he arrived in Lincoln as a 24-year-old freshman, Jackson had never put on a helmet before. But his size and back story made him hard to pass up.

“He’s got a unique situation,” Cornhusker linebacker coach Mike Dawson said in the spring. “If he had spent six years backpacking Europe and then came back, I don’t know that he would command that, but I think we all know what he’s done and what he’s been about. That’s where he’s going to command that kind of respect immediately.”