Tiger Woods New Series Filmed Just Before Car Crash Premieres

by Emily Morgan

Golf icon Tiger Woods was in the middle of filming his new series when he suffered serious injuries in a car crash in February. Now, Discovery has released the series six months later. 

On Tuesday, the Discovery-owned brand Golf Digest will air the first of four episodes from the series titled “A Round with Tiger: Celebrity Playing Lessons.”

European fans will be able to stream the series on July 29 on Discovery+.

“The content was captured in February, the day before Tiger had his unfortunate car accident, from which he is still recovering,” said Discovery. “Discovery and Golf Digest thank everyone for their involvement and wish Tiger a continued speedy recovery.”

Peter Berg follows Woods as he teaches golf lessons and has some worthwhile conversations with his celebrity friends. Some of the familiar faces on the show include NBA legend Dwyane Wade, comedian and actor David Spade, and actress Jada Pinkett Smith.

The final episode will be a behind-the-scenes look into the filming process, with insight from Berg. As for the car crash that shook Woods and his fans, Discovery says that “with this knowledge [of the crash], the deep and poignant conversations will undoubtedly resonate even more strongly with viewers.”

New Series Shows Tiger Woods Just Hours Before Car Crash

According to reports from The Hollywood Reporter, Woods’ conversation with Pinkett Smith— that took place only 24 hours before the crash— gives the scene a whole new meaning. “Tiger, in regards to your journey, it has just been amazing what you’ve overcome,” she says of his 2019 return. “And let me tell you, it’s so inspiring. I’m telling you, it’s just so inspirational.”

“I just don’t look at it like that,” Woods answered. Pinkett Smith responded, saying, “well, you should.”

Woods added, “I’m always fighting, you know, and I’m always trying to get better.”

On Feb. 23, Tiger Woods was driving himself to the shoot when he flipped his SUV, causing him to fracture several bones. Per reports from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, he drove downhill, going 84 to 87 mph.

He was on the way to shoot episodes with NFL quarterbacks Drew Brees and Justin Herbert before the crash. 

“The teams at Discovery and Golf Digest have built such a close relationship with Tiger over the years, said GM of Golf Digest, Chris Reynolds.

He added that this “resulted in some of the most enlightening, engaging content we’ve ever shot.”

 “We thank Tiger for allowing us to move forward in producing this series even after his accident and wish him a continued speedy recovery.”

“Shooting this series was some of the most fun I’ve ever had filming on the golf course,” said Tiger Woods. “Each guest brought a unique perspective on life, both professionally and personally. I’m always inspired by others who are considered the best at what they do and learning about how they made it to the top.”