Tim Tebow Donates 50 Pair of Shoes at Homeless Shelter, Gives Away His Own Pair

by Matthew Wilson

Tim Tebow believes in helping others. He’ll even give away the shoes on his feet. That’s exactly what the athlete did when he visited a homeless shelter in Phoenix, Arizona.

According to KNXV, Tebow visited a homeless shelter in the city to drop off 50 pairs of new shoes. He realized he didn’t bring enough for all the occupants. So, he took off the pair he was wearing and added it to the donation pile. He also recorded the names of people at the shelter who didn’t receive a pair. Through the nonprofit St. Vicent de Paul, Tebow sent them pairs as well.

“If you ask me, or many of our guests, Tim has gone from professional athlete to Super Hero in just a few years,” Society of St. Vincent de Paul CEO Steve Zabilski told the outlet. “His actions off the field are as impressive as any last-minute touchdown pass, or game-winning home run. I think we all can agree on that.”

Tim Tebow Uses His Fame For Humanitarian Works

The athlete has become known for his charity works off the field as much as he has for his athletic abilities. Tebow rose to prominence playing quarterback for the Florida Gators in college. He transitioned into the NFL for a brief career, and he’s currently playing Minor League Baseball with the Mets.

For instance, Tebow has helped raise awareness about human trafficking. Through the Tim Tebow Foundation, Tebow has been helping trafficking victims recover and live successfully. He became impassioned about the issue because of his father. His dad encountered four girls being sold in 2013, according to WTSP.

Tebow also donated his Heisman Trophy for six months to Luke Bryan and his wife in a charity auction. The proceeds went to the Brett Boyer Foundation, which helps children with Congenital Heart Defects.

In Oct. 2019, Tebow traveled 40 miles out of his way to visit inmates at a maximum security prison in Gatesville, Texas.

“Honestly it’s one of my favorite things to do on this earth,” Tebow told KWTX. “I know it sounds weird, going to a prison, but man I just feel like it’s something God put on my heart a long time ago and he said, ‘Hey, most of the world forgot about them, but you don’t forget.’ So I try not to forget. I try to get with them and share with the hope that we have in our faith, to share encouragement…how they matter to me but more importantly how they matter to God.”