Tim Tebow Fires Back at Luke Bryan in Georgia-Florida Football Argument

by Matthew Wilson

The friendly rivalry between Tim Tebow and Luke Bryan continues – ahead of the Florida-Georgia college football game. Tebow responded to the country singer decorating his Heisman in a Georgia hoodie. The athlete is holding Bryan’s 2015 Entertainer of the Year Award hostage.

Previously, Tebow donated his Heisman Award, which won in 2007, to Bryan and his wife for six months. The couple won the auction at the Red Bird Games, which supports the Brett Boyer Foundation they helped found.

“This past week I had the chance to deliver [the Heisman] to their home in Nashville, Tennessee,” Tebow said. “And they were very kind and accepting of the trophy. Actually, Caroline even shared a little bit with me, which was Luke’s 2015 Entertainer of the Year Award. Which I was so honored to accept. “

Bryan’s wife Caroline admitted she enjoys tormenting her husband, especially with Halloween costumes.

Luke Bryan Trash Talked Tim Tebow on Instagram

Although he didn’t attend the University of Georgia, Bryan is a fan of the team. Meanwhile, Tebow gained prominence as the quarterback for the University of Florida’s team. Bryan used the opportunity to trash-talk Tebow ahead of the match-up by “cursing” the award.

Tebow responded to Bryan by decorating the country singer’s award in a Gators jersey and helmet.

“I just get a video from Luke a few minutes ago, tell me it’s Georgia-Florida week. Which we all know that’s wrong. It’s Florida-Georgia week. And how he was going to curse it by putting a Georgia Bulldogs’ jersey on the Heisman,” Tebow said. “So I decided, he might curse mine. But I’m going to bless his. Just to make this feel a little more at home. Because we all know God loves the Gators being orange and blue. You can look at any sunset and understand that.”

The athlete also threw shade at Georgia’s win-loss record against the team. He gestured to jerseys he had hanging on the wall that he wore in games against Georgia.

“I just turn around and am reminded of great games we were able to be a part of against Georgia,” Tebow said. “I understand why there would be frustration. 1980 was a long time ago. But Luke I just want you to know, we’re going to take great care of your trophy. It’s in good hands and it will be comforted with a lot of orange and blue. Because guys we all know, it’s Florida-Georgia week.”

It remains to be seen how Bryan responds to Tebow in the escalating rivalry.