Titans’ A.J. Brown Hilariously Vows to Continue Throwing Footballs Into Stands After $12k Fine

by Chris Haney

On Thursday, Tennessee Titans wide receiver A.J. Brown joked about continuing to throw footballs into the stands after scoring a touchdown.

The wide receiver caught another touchdown on Sunday in the Titans matchup against the Detroit Lions. He proceeded to celebrate by throwing the football into the stands – again. Since the NFL stands for the No Fun League, it comes as no surprise that he’s been fined again, as well. Since it’s Brown’s second violation for throwing the ball into the stands, his fine increased from $7,000 to $12,000.

Brown posted about the fine on his official Twitter account on Christmas Eve. In addition, he jokingly said he wanted to see how high he could increase the fine for further similar celebrations. The Titans’ receiver even joked that he wanted the NFL to rename the rule after him.

“12k for the football last week. Lets see how high I can get the fine up to. I want the NFL to rename that rule after me tbh lol,” Brown jokingly tweeted.

Brown Seems to Be Kidding About Further Celebrations

A.J. Brown may want to think twice about continuing to violate NFL rules since the fines will continue to increase. In fact, it sounds like he may already be rethinking his celebrations.

The league follows a standard fine schedule that is predetermined by the NFL and players’ union. The NFL and NFLPA both agreed on fines for throwing the football into the stands during the offseason. The first violation results in a $7,000 fine, and the second violation results in a $12,000 fine.

The rule is in place to protect the safety of the fans, according to the NFL. The league worries that fans could possibly hurt themselves or others while chasing after a football thrown into the stands.

Fans will have to wait until the Titans play on Sunday against the Green Bay Packers to see if Brown continues his celebrations. First, he’ll have to catch another touchdown to even have the opportunity, which is not a guarantee.

However, Brown followed up his tweet by answering former NFL receiver Mike Wallace‘s tweet. Wallace laughed at Brown’s original tweet, but said the Titans player earned his money and he shouldn’t willingly give it back.

“I’m just playing fam lol,” Brown responded, which makes it seem as if his TD celebrations may have come to an end.