Todd Gurley Hilariously Tweets at Lamar Jackson After Dropping Phone in Toilet

by Josh Lanier

Atlanta Falcons running back Todd Gurley is weighing in on what is becoming the biggest question in sports at the moment: Did Lamar Jackson leave the field to go to the bathroom during Monday Night Football?

The Ravens quarterback swears he had cramps and didn’t “pull a Paul Pierce,” but many people aren’t buying it. That includes his colleagues apparently as some NFL players come forward to make fun of him too. Especially after a video of Jackson rushing off the field to the locker room only to return a few minutes later came to life.

Gurley joined the din when he announced on Twitter that he had dropped his phone in the toilet during a particularly bad time. He then asked Jackson for tips on how to handle it.

Obviously, people were quick to join in with Gurley on the joke. Just check the replies.

Paul Pierce famously left the court during the 2008 NBA Playoffs in a wheelchair only to return a few minutes later. He claimed at the time he was injured, but confessed recently that he just had to go to the bathroom and needed a wheelchair to help him make it.

Todd Gurley, Others Roasting Lamar Jackson Over ‘Cramps’

Competitors are one thing, but it’s bad when your own back-up calls you out online. Robert Griffin did just when he shared a meme of DK Metcalf to explain the Lamar Jackson situation. Griffin was only able to tweet this out because he’s at home with an injury at the moment.

Some companies are even trying to turn this into piles of money.

“A bidet company has already offered free devices to Lamar Jackson and his teammates,” a tweet from Pro Football Talk pointed out. There were also several wet wipe toilet paper companies that tried to push out more product over Jackson’s misfortune.

Regardless of why Jackson went to the locker room when he did return his game was unaffected. He led his team to victory against the Brown, throwing for 162 yards and a touchdown during the Ravens’ 47-42 win.