Tokyo Olympics 2021: How To Watch the Opening Ceremony

by Clayton Edwards

The Tokyo Olympics will be special this year. They will represent the first global gathering since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic last year. So, it isn’t just a celebration of the greatest athletes from around the world. It is a celebration of a world that is finally taking small steps back to life as we once knew it. So, many people are keeping a close eye on the games in Tokyo. However, the Opening Ceremony is always the most popular part of the games.

In fact, the Olympic Opening Ceremony is one of the most-watched sports-related events on television. So, if you’re like millions of others around the world and want to tune in, you’re in luck. NBC will have all of the action from the Tokyo Olympics along with the opening ceremony.

If you’re reading this early enough, you can still catch the live broadcast of the Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony. That broadcast starts at 6:55 am Eastern Time on NBC. It will run until 11 am. That live broadcast will feature every moment of the Opening Ceremony including the all-important Parade of Nations.

This year marks the first live broadcast of the Olympic Opening Ceremony by NBC. So, they want to make sure as many people can see it as possible. With that in mind, they are offering several ways to watch. First, you could tune in to an NBC station and watch that way. On the other hand, if you have the NBC Sports app, the Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony will also be live there. At the same time, you can head over to NBC’s official Olympics website and watch all of the action there.

More About The NBC Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony Broadcast

It won’t just be a live stream from the Tokyo Olympics. Instead, the Opening Ceremony broadcast will include the Today anchors. So, if you make the NBC morning show a part of your regular routine, you can watch the event with some familiar faces.

After the live broadcast of the Tokyo Olympics Opening Ceremony, NBC will run a special edition of Today. You can expect the anchors to talk about their favorite moments and other highlights from the Opening Ceremony. So, if you’re a little late tuning in, you could probably catch the high points during the Today broadcast. That kicks off at 11 am Eastern Time and runs until 1 pm.

However, if you can’t catch the Opening Ceremony or the special edition of Today this morning, don’t worry. There will be more chances to watch the broadcast later today. The first re-broadcast begins at 7:30 pm Eastern Time and will run until midnight. Then, they will run the Opening Ceremony coverage again starting at 12:35 am Eastern.