Tom Brady Takes a Subtle Jab at His Former Team

by Max Long

The historic run of Tom Brady with the New England Patriots isn’t stopping him from taking a subtle dig at his former franchise.

Brady and tight end Rob Gronkowski rejoined forces in Tampa Bay after nine seasons together in New England. Gronkowski came out of retirement when the opportunity to play with Brady again presented itself.

The duo enjoyed immense success together in New England, winning three Super Bowl rings. Furthermore, they have connected for 92 total touchdowns, good for 2nd in NFL history, as NFL Research points out.

And while things are sunny (both figuratively and literally) for the 5-2 Buccaneers, things are not going so well for the Patriots. Sitting at just 2-4 and with new quarterback Cam Newton struggling, Brady saw an opportune moment to take a jab at the Patriots.

Brady simply tweeted a GIF of him and Gronkowski from 2017, with Gronk conveniently wearing an AFC Champions shirt. Surely this move would upset some Patriots fans by reminding them of the glory days of yesteryear.

Most users replied begging the QB to return to New England. “We miss you, please come back and save this team,” followed by the GIF of Will Smith crying, tweeted @michaelgscott24.

Another Patriots fan and Twitter user @SavageBoston simply replied saying, “I’m so sad.”

Even more, the Buccaneers’ official account got in on the action, tweeting the smirk emoji, knowing they made the right decision.

While Patriots fans seem to be in uncharted waters on account of their recent success, they can expect that legendary head coach Bill Belichick will right the ship in no time. As for Brady and Gronkowski, Bucs’ fans are hoping they can keep the chemistry alive and deliver a playoff berth to Tampa Bay for the first time in over a decade.