Travis Kelce’s Girlfriend Kayla Nicole Celebrates Chiefs Win by Shotgunning a Beer in Suite

by Will Shepard

The Kansas City Chiefs are heading to the Super Bowl after a decisive victory over the Buffalo Bills on Sunday. The entire Chiefs team is certainly excited about the opportunity to win a second Super Bowl in as many years. In particular, Travis Kelce’s girlfriend, Kayla Nicole, is celebrating just as hard, if not harder than the players.

After the Chiefs won the game, Kayla Nicole did some of her own celebrating. During the game, she was posting basically non-stop her Instagram story.

Kayla Nicole Shotgunning a Victory Beer

But, when the game was out of reach for the Bills, Kayla Nicole took it up a notch. Every story she was posting was full of her jubilation. And one story, in particular, stands out above all the rest.

While the confetti cannons began launching confetti all over the players and the field, Nicole was given her AFC Championship hat.

In one of her stories, she shares a video of herself and two others shotgunning a beer. Needless to say, the excitement from the suite she was in during the game was ecstatic.

Arrowhead Stadium was going nuts with the Kansas City Chiefs win. Again, after the win, she was posting TikTok’s and stories like crazy. Undoubtedly excited to see her boyfriend Travis Kelce heading back to the Super Bowl, she kept on posting videos of the celebration.

Kayla Nicole even took a video of Kelce walking off the field. During the video, you can see that the tight end is emotional after the win. She implores him not to cry while telling the camera how much she loves him.

In a separate Instagram story, she is hugging Travis Kelce tightly. She captions the post, “@killatrav, love this for him.” She keeps filming as Kelce kisses her forehead. She then says, “babe, you’re going to another Super Bowl.”

Kelce almost looks confused, but Kayla Nicole again says, “you’re going to the Super Bowl.” While she giggles, Kelce says, “the what?” To which, she says again, “the Super Bowl.”

This time, Travis Kelce pulls a beer out from behind her back and takes a big sip, and then sticks his tongue out at the camera.

During Sunday’s win over the bill, Kelce had an incredible game. The record-setting tight end had 13 catches for 118 yards, along with two touchdowns.