Trevor Lawrence Says He’s ‘Up’ to Play for Any NFL Team That Drafts Clemson Star

by Josh Lanier

Trevor Lawrence says he wouldn’t turn down the New York Jets if they draft him next year. The Clemson star quarterback went on the Dan Patrick Show to discuss his future plans and whether or not he would force his way out of New York.

Lawrence who is a junior at the ACC school and the consensus No. 1 pick heading into the 2021 NFL Draft will likely end up in New York. The hapless Jets are winless (0-13) so far this season, and they’ll need a lot of help to begin to rebuild. Barring some late-season surge, they will end up with the option to land Lawrence. And he’s OK with that, he said.

“Honestly, I know some of the stuff I say sounds cliché, but just to have the opportunity to go somewhere, help someone rebuild if that’s what it is or whatever — just win,” Lawrence told Patrick. “That’s something I love doing. I think that’s what I’m best at, is winning. Regardless of stats, whatever it is, that’s what I love. So just to have that chance. Obviously some places it’ll be more of a challenge than others, but I think I’m up for it, and that’ll get here when it’s here. I’m just trying to focus now on being great where I’m at.”

And while Lawrence could remain at Clemson for another season, he has said that he is “planning” on 2020 being his last in South Carolina.

Trevor Lawrence Wouldn’t Be First QB to Refuse Bad Team

It isn’t unheard of for a No. 1 quarterback to refuse to go where they’re drafted. Eli Manning did it in 2004 when he was drafted by the San Diego Chargers. The Giants drafted Phillip Rivers out of NC State with the No. 4 and traded him for Manning.

John Elway also famously refused to join the Baltimore Colts in 1983. They traded him to the Denver Broncos, where he went on to have a Hall of Fame career.

Playing for the New York Jets won’t be easy. It’s the biggest media market in the country and, let’s face it, they are terrible and have been for a while.

So bad, in fact, former Jets safety Jamal Adams said he fought depression while playing there because of all the losses. It got so bad that his parents called the team and begged for a trade. He eventually got one and is much happier in Seattle, he said last month.

But Lawrence said he’s up to the challenge if he does land in New York.

“I think I’m ready,” Lawrence said, according to NESN. “I think just being here at Clemson, my journey has taught me a lot, I’ve grown up a lot the past few years. I’m really just ready to take on whatever challenge it is and just have the opportunity.”

Larwrence will lead No. 3 Clemson against No. 2 Notre for the ACC Championship at 4 p.m. EST Saturday.