Tyrrell Hatton Flips Off Fan, Snaps Club in Meltdown at 2021 British Open

by Thad Mitchell

Professional Golfer Tyrrell Hatton had a tough day at the 2021 British open and he took it out on the fans in attendance and his golf clubs.

The 10th ranked golfer in the world, Tyrrell Hatton is also known for his competitive nature. He’s also known to wear his emotions on his sleeve, which certainly appears to be the case in his Friday morning meltdown. Hatton is taking part in the 2021 British Open at Royal St. Georges Golf Club in Sandwich, U.K., and didn’t have his best day. Struggling on the course’s 11th hole and looking to make a double bogey, he appears to make an obscene gesture toward fans attending the event. A double-bogey is a score of two strokes over par for a particular hole.

“Tyrrell Hatton is having a day,” the tweet says. The tweet shows two instances during Friday competition that shows the pro golfer losing his composure on the greens.

The image on the left also shows the aforementioned obscene gesture incident in which Tyrrell Hatton allegedly flipped the bird. In the shot, the golfer appears to point at and “flip off” a member, or members, of the audience. As he walks back to the green, he allegedly mutters an obscenity, saying “That was absolutely f____ing bollocks.” According to the Golf Channel, there are around 32,000 fans at this year’s British Open event.

Tyrrell Hatton Snaps Golf Club

As if that weren’t enough, Tyrrel Hatton doubled down on his anger and frustration by demolishing his own club. The incident was captured on video as has been the talk of the golfing world and social media.

“Tyrrell Hatton had enough of his golf clubs,” the tweet says.

While it may look like a scene straight out of the Adam Sandler classic “Happy Gilmore,” It’s clear Hatton is not pleased with his performance. The club-snapping moment came on the last hole with Tyrrell Hatton in need of a birdie to continue. After snapping the wedge at the neck, he returned the club to his caddy and would make par on the hole.

After viewing the incidents, golf fans had plenty to say about Tyrrell Hatton and his anger issues. Golf is a sport in which etiquette is expected among all that are involved.

“Maybe see a therapist,” a fan writes on Twitter. “We obviously don’t know how to deal with not getting our way. It’s not the club, you are a child.”

“If we did that at home on our local course we would be asked to leave,” another gold watcher says.

“I understand and love him, but don’t approve of the behavior…especially young golfers watching,” another social media user replies.

At 29 years of age, Tyrrell Hatton is one of golf’s rising stars and he has a couple of nice wins under his belt. He may want to work on handling frustration though.