Tyson Fury Provides Positive Update on Newborn Daughter’s Status in the ICU

by Samantha Whidden

Just a little over a week after announcing his newborn daughter Athena went to the ICU, British professional boxer Tyson Fury is providing an update on his baby girl’s current health condition.

In his latest Instagram Story, Tyson Fury is holding little Athena at the hospital. He says, “Just here feeding my little girl. Out of the ICU, on the mend. She’ll be home soon.”

Tyson Fury goes on to add, “Thank you to God and thank you to all of the doctors and nurses out there.”

Tyson Fury and his wife Paris have a total of six children together. The couple has yet to reveal what disclose was happening to the little girl. Fury previously said that Paris is recovering well from Athena’s birth.

Tyson Fury Claims to be the Best Fighter That’s Ever Lived

In a May 2021 interview with The Las Vegas Review, Tyson Fury stated he considers himself the best fighter who has ever lived. “There ain’t been anyone like me,” the boxer goes on to declare. “Never even come close. Never. You can’t name one. Neither can I, and I’m a historian in this game.”

Fury further expanded on his thoughts by saying he knows every heavyweight going back to John L. Sullivan and beyond.

“I go back to the beginning of this sport. And there’s never ever been heavyweight like me in this game. Ever. Not one.”

When asked why he believes no one comes close to him, Fury explained there’s never been a 6-foot-9 heavyweight who is 270 pounds plus who can move and box like him. “There’s never been a British guy come to American and smash the landscape in this sport.”

“The closest person to ever come to me was Muhammad Ali, and he was like 210 pounds and 6 foot 2, 6 foot 3. That’s small for today,” Fury does admit.  

Fury Reflected on His 2020 Struggles & His Future Goals 

Also during his interview with the Las Vegas Journal, Tyson Fury opened up about his struggles in 2020.

“My world changed because I wasn’t able to fight in 2020. I was doing good. I was training, keep active. Training three or four times a day,” He said. The boxer then proclaimed everyone was disappointed that he wasn’t able to fight last year. 

“Was I disappointed? That’s an understatement,” the fighter further stated. He then discusses his future goals and plans for 2021. “I wanted to fight. I still want to fight, but I’ve still got no fight. I’m in limbo-land. But you know what? I’m in a good place. I’m training and I’m a happy fighter.”

Tyson Fury is currently set to fight Deontay Wilder on October 9th. The highly anticipated match has reportedly been rescheduled numerous times due to pandemic issues.