UFC’s Stipe Miocic Helps Revitalize Veteran-Owned Gym in His Ohio Hometown

by Samantha Whidden

Stipe Miocic, a two-time UFC heavyweight championship, is now seeking to revitalize a veteran-owned gym in his hometown of Euclid, Ohio. 

During a recent interview with Cleveland’s Channel 5, Stipe Miocic revealed he has teamed up with Modelo and UFC to launch a national initiative with Rebuilding Together. The non-profit seeks to revitalize and refurbish gyms across the country. 

Stipe Miocic is now focused on revitalizing Revolution Fight & Fitness, which is a gym that trains disadvantaged athletes. The gym also offers discounts for first responders and is seeking to use lessons learned at its establishment to better the community.

On Friday (August 28th) Stipe Miocic shared a snapshot of him at the gym with the owner Tim Stafford. “Proud to stand tall with Revolution Fight & Fitness owner Tim Stafford in my hometown of Cleveland as @modelousa, @ufc, and @rebuildingtogether helped revitalize his gym to fuel the community’s #FightingSpirit.”

While sharing more details about his work on Revolution Fight & Fitness, Stipe Miocic stated he assisted in giving the gym a fresh coat of paint. He also hung new punching bags and laid down new flooring. “Did a little painting. No big deal. Put up a bag – that’s what I do.”

Stipe Miocic also admitted that having an impact on his hometown definitely meant the world to him.

“It means everything to me because my whole career, not even just with fighting but just as growing up as a kid. I’ve been helped out a lot. I just want to give back. I love giving back.”

Stipe Miocic Opens Up On His Community Service Work 

While also chatting with Channel 5, Stipe Miocic spoke about the importance of his community work. “It’s keeping people out of trouble. Kids, older kids, out of trouble. They’re not doing dumb things.”

The UFC fighter then explained when he first started training, the gym helped him stay out of trouble. This was due to the fact that he wasn’t going out all the time.

“I was training and that’s what I was worried about,” Stipe Miocic explained. “I was beat up and sore, so I didn’t want to do anything.” 

Miocic also noted that thanks to training, all he really wanted to do was stay home and save money. “That’s what I love about what [Modelo and UFC] doing here with the revitalizing of gyms.”

In regards to his thoughts about kids wanting to train for fighting, Miocic encourages kids who are interested in doing it to just go do it. “The worst thing is, you don’t like it. But I’m telling you. You’re going to love it,” Miocic added. “No one’s ever said they do not like punching a bag.”