Umpire Crew in Mexico Removes Ump from Baseball Game for Being Drunk

by Joe Rutland

Yes, being an umpire in a baseball game can be difficult. One ump, though, received his own personal ejection because he was drunk.

Let’s set the scene for you a bit.

In this video clip, you’ll see someone connected with a Mexican baseball league head down to first base.

So, it appears that this ump has been pointing middle fingers at those in the stands. He’s had quite a day, too, within the game itself.

How does this all end? Let’s just say that he gets an escort to the first-base dugout and down the steps he goes. To quote the immortal Chicago White Sox broadcaster Ken “Hawk” Harrelson, “He gone.”

OK. Let’s just take a look at this mess.

Outsiders, you know that there are some Major League Baseball fans who will refer to this video often next season. Why? So they can “claim” that an umpire making screwy calls against their team is drunker than a skunk.

Well, this ump probably got sent home in a taxi and given a couple of aspirin to help that hangover.

We don’t know whether he was given a suspension or fired from his umpiring job. Stay tuned for more information about the bombed-out umpire in Mexico.

Baseball Player Starts On-Field Brawl During Home Run Trot After Throwing Helmet

While we are on some wild baseball news, let’s take things back to September when a minor-league baseball player decided to kick up the dust a bit.

Kick up the dust? Hell, this guy thought it was a good idea to stir up an on-field brawl. Good thing that the drunk umpire wasn’t around for this mess, too.

What happened, Outsiders?

This went down in the Pacific Coast League after a two-run homer was hit.

The Arizona Diamondbacks‘ Triple-A affiliate Reno Aces took on the Seattle Mariners‘ Triple-A team, the Tacoma Rainiers. The Aces led 9-2 in the bottom of the 7th inning. Henry Ramos slams a two-run homer for an 11-2 Aces lead.

Ramos trotted around the bases. Oh boy. So he heads toward second base and as he’s talking to the Tacoma players. He rounds second toward third and still chats it up with Tacoma shortstop Donovan Walton.

Walton follows him to third base, starts chit-chatting, and it breaks down. Ramos turns around before getting to third base and throws his helmet at Walton.

This is where “Fight Night In The PCL” kicks up. Check out the video below.

When you go to a baseball game, you never really know what will happen. As is clearly evidenced by these two stories, Outsiders.