US Veteran Owns NCAA President After ‘Hardest Job in America’ Comment

by Michael Freeman

Few people have jobs they’re truly happy with and many for good reason. Long hours, maybe an unfair boss, and the position simply being demanding are all valid. However, the NCAA president claimed being a university president is the hardest job in America, which prompted choice words from a United States veteran.

College football insider with Action Network HQ Brett McMurphy often tweets about football, but also general college-related news. Wednesday, he reported NCAA president Mark Emmert stated “Being a university president is the hardest job in America.” The comment itself is a bit tone-deaf and a U.S. veteran thought the same, tweeting a sassy response to it.

“I remember when i got shot in the chest in Iraq during a 15-month tour. Laying there thinking thank god i’m not a university president,” the veteran responded. A quick glance at his Twitter profile reveals Shane is a combat veteran, serving three different tours in Afghanistan.

The response is really picking up traction, with a multitude of people responding and thanking him for his sacrifice. “Thank you for your service and you sir WIN THE INTERNET TODAY” someone told him. “Thank you for your service! I’m sorry you went through the hat. Glad you made it out alive,” someone else stated.

Shane is taking everything in stride though and frequently replied to people. Others joined in, with one user saying “Thank you for your service. I moved an apache pilot. I asked him if ever got worried about being shot down. He said nah I’m just glad I’m not a president of a university.”

Veterans Send Patriotic Message About Americans Uniting for Pearl Harbor’s 80th Anniversary

Veterans are obviously quite passionate about our country and keeping it as strong as possible. Pearl Harbor’s recent 80-year-anniversary seems to cement that mentality, as a number of veterans voiced their hope our country will come and stay together.

For Pearl Harbor’s 80th anniversary, Fox News spoke to a number of veterans. Though their individual messages differed, it was unanimous they want us to come together as a country. A New York-based veteran said it simply, but effectively. “When we’re united as a country, we cannot be defeated,” he stated.

Additionally, Jeremiah Martin, a United States Army veteran from Shelby, Ohio said the same and he hopes we continue to be strong. “I served overseas in the Army in support of Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Inherent Resolve. Today, 80 years after Pearl Harbor, I’m proud to be a part of a longstanding legacy.”