Vincent Jackson Likely Died ‘Days’ Before Being Found: Report

by Evan Reier

A few days after former San Diego Chargers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers star Vincent Jackson was found dead in a hotel room, more details are coming to light.

The tragic death of the 38-year-old came just 5 years after his final season in the NFL in 2016. On February 15, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office announced his death after a maid found his body in a Brandon, FL hotel room.

However, on February 17 and 18, more details came to light. Firstly, Chad Chronister, the local sheriff, explained that Jackson was dealing with a battle with alcoholism. Now, a new report from TMZ says that Jackson had likely died days prior.

According to the report, hotel employees had apparently noticed Jackson while slouched as early as February 13. Further, they made the assumption that Jackson was just resting or sleeping.

But an employee on February 15 noticed he had not moved, and was the first to discover that the former NFL receiver had died. Like with other reports, TMZ’s uncovered no visible injuries or issues with Jackson’s body.

Like Chronister’s words, the report says that Jackson had issues with alcohol abuse. That being said, it also concludes that Jackson didn’t have any known drug problems.

The Legacy of Vincent Jackson

Without question, it’s a devastating loss from many perspectives. Both the Chargers and Buccaneers valued Jackson greatly while he was the two teams. He was sent to the Pro Bowl twice in San Diego, and another time in Tampa.

But reaching the endzone was just a part of who he was. His impact on and off the field cannot be understated, possibly best evidenced by his foundation Jackson In Action 83 Foundation.

The mission of the foundation is to help military families in need. While Jackson may have three Pro Bowls to his name and over 9,000 receiving yards, his legacy will always expand beyond that.