Washington QB Dwayne Haskins Seen Partying Maskless in Strip Club After Loss to Seahawks

by Madison Miller

After a 15-20 loss to the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, Washington quarterback Dwayne Haskins decided to celebrate.

He was seen partying at a strip club with a group of people. Noticeably, he was not wearing a mask.

Haskins Breaks COVID-19 Regulations

A writer for the Washington Post tweeted out a series of screenshots that show him partying.

The NFL has had strict guidelines on what players and coaches can be doing. In order to keep playing, players need to follow these guidelines.

“Washington has had zero positive cases of Covid on its active roster bc this team has taken every precaution and followed the guidance. Haskins can do what he wants as long as it doesn’t jeopardize the team. But partying w/ maskless strippers puts himself and teammates at risk,” Rudy Gersten wrote with the screenshots.

Some fans are quick to defend him by saying things like, “he had nearly 300 yards passing and almost brought the team back vs a goliath // he has every right to blow off some steam, feel good about himself–even in a pandemic.”

While other fans are quick to suggest he gets kicked, “If this is true, its damning. Argument to cut him immediately is not out of the question.”

Consequences for Dwayne Haskins

The question is, what does this mean for Haskins?

The NFL released pages of the guidelines surrounding COVID-19 protocols on their website. The players and coaches must wear masks when they are traveling and when they are on the sidelines or not wearing their helmets.

Each player also wears mandatory proximity recording devices. These devices basically record each time they’re close to someone. This can then be used to lessen the spread of the virus if someone tests positive.

By going out with people outside of the team or the NFL, Haskins risks spreading the virus to his team and other teams.

In another tweet, Tom Pelissero, a reporter for the NFL Network, tweeted acknowledging that Washington was aware of Haskin’s behavior.

The same situation with fans being split happened with Pelissero’s tweet. While some fans use his stats as an excuse for poor behavior, others continue to point out the deadly pandemic.

One user said, “This team will do anything to screw this kid over. Benched him after giving him the worst skill players in the league to play with as a rookie. Now they refuse to let this dude play even though he has the most upside of any QB on the roster. I wonder why that is???”

While another person quite simply said, “Do the people defending him here realize we are in the middle of a Pandemic?”

The Washington team then made the decision to not get rid of Haskins this season.

He participated in what the NFL calls “High Risk COVID-19 Conduct.” This is punishable by one week’s salary or even a four-game suspension.