WATCH: Athletes Show Off What Food at 2020 Tokyo Olympics is Like

by Megan Molseed

“I’m So Hungry, I’m so, I’m so hungry.” A recent TikTok posted by the United States volleyball star, Kelsey Robinson made us all a little hungry. In the post, the United States Olympic star shares the many foods made available to the athletes at the Tokyo Olympics Village. The video is coupled with Karter Zaher’s hit TikTok song “I’m So Hungry.”

The post definitely made us, as Karter Zaher says in the catchy tune, “really, really hungry.”

The viral TikTok features Kelsey Robinson’s view as she gets her meal. The athlete then sits down to enjoy the food with her teammates.

Some Interesting Meals At the 2020 Olympics

Of course, the athletes are facing a bit of a different situation during meal-time than the athletes of past Olympics events. The teammates have to work around the protective plastic guards and shields. These serve to separate each patron as they eat at the Olympics Village cafeteria. However, the teammates share high-fives between the guards, and it is quite adorable.

The video shows a variety of top-notch meal additions. The Olympics volleyball player’s video highlights some of the delicious options on her plate.

It soon becomes obvious that this Olympics Villiage is certainly the perfect place for athletes to find delicious food options. Kelsey’s plate includes dishes loaded with plenty of lean meats and proteins, such as salmon and calamari. The steak looks spot-on as well.

Of course, every Olympic athlete needs fruits and veggies. Kelsey Robinson’s plate also included peaches and melons, as well as seaweed rice balls and vegetable tempura.

Of course, even the nation’s top athletes can afford a couple of moments of decadence. Robinson enjoys some fried calamari. And, it looks absolutely delicious. Although, if someone is going to partake in some deep-fried food, one of the healthiest meats to fry is calamari.

Squid is an amazing source of protein. Low calories are an excellent source of vitamins B12 and B6, as well as vitamin E. While these benefits are clearly much higher when the squid isn’t fried, it’s still a somewhat healthy option.

For dessert, the volleyball star topped off her meal with a chocolate mousse that looked absolutely delicious.

Robinson’s Journey to the Team USA

Before making it onto the 2020 Tokyo Olympics United States Volleyball team, Kelsey Robinson played at the college level both the University of Tennessee and Nebraska.

Robinson won the 2014 World Championship gold medal as part of the USA National Volleyball Team. The dream defeated China 3-1 in the final match.