WATCH: Bills Mafia Lands in Kansas City Airport, Immediately Start Chanting and Singing

by Charles Craighill

Oh boy, Bills Mafia is back again and ready to terrorize Kansas City. While many parts of Kansas City have prepared for the insanity, including Dick’s Sporting Goods, those who don’t know about Bills Mafia will know soon enough.

Most recently, someone spotted members of the crazed fan base in the Kansas City airport arriving for the AFC Championship game. This time, they started chanting and singing the song “Shout” at the baggage claim.

This Sunday, the Buffalo Bills will face off against the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship game. Bills Mafia, the loyal and somewhat insane following of the Buffalo Bills, has never really been accustomed to winning. For a quarter of a century, the Buffalo Bills went without winning a playoff game.

Now, Bills Mafia has a team with a winning record, a divisional title, and two wins leading into the AFC Championship game. They hardly know what to do with themselves.

For, seemingly, the first time since 2000, Tom Brady and the New England Patriots don’t have a stranglehold on the division. This has opened the doors for teams like the Buffalo Bills and the Miami Dolphins to put their hats in the playoff ring.

The Miami Dolphins finished with a 10-6 record, however, they missed out on the playoffs due to a very strong AFC conference. In contrast, two teams .500 or below made the playoffs.

Bills Mafia Some of the Best Fans in Sports

While Bills Mafia may be crazy, they also are some of the most thoughtful and caring fans in all of sports. For instance, in the divisional round of the playoffs, the Bills defeated the Baltimore Ravens 17-3. When Lamar Jackson left the game with a concussion at the end of the third quarter, Bills Mafia responded with kindness.

Immediately after the Ravens’ star quarterback left the game, Bills Mafia flooded his favorite charity with donations. Despite the Bills winning that game, the loyal fan base showed compassion and sportsmanship like no other. This kind of generosity feels like it is rarely seen in sports these days as most fans are at each other’s throats.

Good on you Bills Mafia, good on you.

The Buffalo Bills will face off against the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship game this Sunday at 6:40 pm. The winner of that matchup will travel to Tampa Bay for the Super Bowl.

Despite leaving last week’s game with a suspected concussion, the Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes expects to play. The NFC Championship game will happen just before at 3:05 pm.