WATCH: Cameras Capture Tyreek Hill Drinking Bizarre Green Liquid While on Sidelines

by Suzanne Halliburton

What was Tyreek Hill drinking Sunday afternoon as he was lying on his belly on the trainer’s table getting his hamstring treated?

It looked almost like he was chugging a shot of alcohol. It was green in color. Maybe it was a liqueur? But in an NFL game? So many questions.

Take a look:

That Tyreek Hill Cocktail Helps With Cramps

Hill, the Kansas City speedster, probably was trying to prevent debilitating cramps. They’re caused by dehydration. Although Kansas City is playing New Orleans in the climate-controlled Superdome, cramps can be a problem.

What’s a common remedy to help prevent dehydration, other than drinking plenty of water in the days before a game?

Pickle juice.

David J. Chao, who worked as an NFL team doctor for 17 years, detailed what Hill was doing. In a post on Twitter, Chao wrote:

“What is @cheetah drinking out of a small airplane bottle? Of course not liquor. But likely pickle juice (high salt content) for cramps while he gets his hamstring worked on.”

Tony Romo, the former Dallas Cowboys quarterback who was in the booth for CBS, said during the telecast he’s used pickle juice for cramps.

Hill chugged the pickle juice moments after he caught a five-yard touchdown pass for the Chiefs.

Hill suffered slight dehydration last week in a game on the road against Miami. The weather is Miami is far warmer and more humid than in Kansas City. So you can understand the cramping in the sultry weather.

The Chiefs receiver also suffered from hamstring issues in the win over the Dolphins. Fans worried whether Hill, nicknamed the “Cheetah” suffered something more severe. Hamstring issues can linger through the season. Hill was on the injured list in all last week before the kickoff with New Orleans.

You can find pickle juice in little bottles on Amazon. According to an article on, it’s still unclear why pickle juice would work. It’s thought that the salt and vinegar replace electrolytes lost through sweat. But studies also have debunked whether it works.

But given how valuable Hill is to Kansas City, the reigning Super Bowl champions, it’s unlikely the receiver would be treated with anything that’s bad for him.