WATCH: Charles Barkley Hilariously Reacts to Awkward Interview with Kevin Durant

by Matthew Wilson

Well, that was awkward. Charles Barkley had a hilarious reaction to an embarrassing interview moment with Brooklyn Nets superstar Kevin Durant.

The two shared an awkward silence after Durant’s one-word response. However, Barkley insists he doesn’t really care about awkwardness during interviews.

Barkley and the “NBA on TNT” crew interviewed Durant following Tuesday’s (Dec. 22) matchup. The Brooklyn Nets defeated the Golden State Warrior 125-99 in a heated matchup. This was Durant’s first return to form following an injury. The NBA athlete injured his Achilles heel in the 2019 NBA Finals. During Tuesday’s game, Durant scored 22 points.

But Durant didn’t really seem to be in a talkative mood, especially towards Barkley. That led to a cringy exchange between the two that’s sure to become a meme if not already.

Barkley asked Durant, “There was talk about you coming back for the playoffs last year. So, you’ve really just been working on your game trying to get back your timing and conditioning, really to be honest, correct?”

“Yeah,” Duran replied. Silence ensued.

Charles Barkley is Annoyed

The moment caused Charles Barkley much annoyance. His fellow “NBA on TNT” hosts ribbed the former NBA star with Shaquille O’Neal barely holding back tears.

“Can we see that again? Can we see that again?” Shaq asked. “One more time, that was hilarious.”

The show granted O’Neal’s wish and showed the awkward encounter once more. This led to Barkley scolding his fellow co-hosts, insisting he didn’t really care about the encounter.

“Hey man I don’t care,” Barkley said. “Y’all know how I am about this. I don’t get sensitive about these. Y’all know how I feel about them. Yo man, I had a serious announcement to make. And y’all keep screwing around.”

Perhaps, Durant just didn’t feel like being interviewed. Or perhaps it was subtle revenge for recent comments Barkley said about Durant’s teammate Kyrie Irving. Barkley criticized the NBA star after he voiced his own criticism about the media. But Barkley is known for awkward interviews himself.