WATCH: Cleveland Browns’ Baker Mayfield Uses Lil Wayne to Describe Myles Garrett After Win

by Quentin Blount

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield referenced Lil Wayne when he was describing he teammate, defensive end Myles Garrett.

The Browns narrowly came out with a win in their game with the Houston Texans. However, the low-scoring affair didn’t stop Cleveland quarterback Baker Mayfield from giving one of the best quotes of the season. Mayfield was asked postgame by reporters about his teammate Myles Garrett’s performance. 

The official Twitter account of the Cleveland Browns posted a video of Mayfield talking to reporters after the game. He referenced the famous rapper when talking about Garrett’s approach to the game.

“Myles took the approach, you know, that real G’s move in silence like lasagna,” Mayfield said. 

Mayfield’s reference is to a Lil Wayne line in his song “6’7.” The line has gained popularity thanks to its cleverness and controversy. There has been debate whether the “g” in “lasagna” is actually silent or not.

However, the defensive performance from Garrett on Sunday definitely warranted praise from his quarterback. He finished with six tackles on the afternoon and was also credited with half a sack. That sack made him the fastest Browns player to reach 40 career sacks and now leads the league in 2020 with 9.5 sacks.

Thanks to a strong defensive showing, Cleveland defeated the Texans 10-7.

Twitter Reacts to Comments from Cleveland Browns QB

Meanwhile, NFL fans on Twitter didn’t waste any time in replying to Mayfield’s post-game comments. One fan says that Mayfield is the goat of coming up with catchy phrases.

Say what you want about Baker Mayfield but there is no denying he is the real [goat] at coming up with dumb catchy phrases to put on T-Shirts,” the fan wrote.

One Browns fan said he loves Mayfield’s post-game antics, tweeting “God I love this man.”

Another user complimented Mayfield on his progression as a quarterback. In a game where officials suspended action prior to kickoff due to poor weather, Mayfield did what he had to do to pull out the win. The northeast Ohio area had been under a severe thunderstorm warning. Game-time temperatures were 60 degrees, but dropping. The National Weather Service said there could be 70 mph wind gusts blowing off of Lake Erie.

“Another day with extreme winds, and another mistake-free game from Baker,” the fan says. “If Browns had Chubb for the Raiders game, they would have won and be 7-2 now. I like this Baker that doesn’t make mistakes and puts his team in a hole. He will rip it in more favorable conditions.”