WATCH: Cleveland Browns Game Delayed, Fans Shares Insane Video of Weather

by Suzanne Halliburton

Yikes. Here’s to the brave souls, aka fans of the Cleveland Browns, who stood through the national anthem as nasty wind and rain swept through First Energy Stadium early Sunday afternoon.

It looked miserable. A fan took a video to show what it looked like when the storm hit Cleveland. He wrote: “It ain’t even that bad.”

Yes, you’re feet will be freezing by the end of the video.

Hail added to the misery.

Officials suspended game action moments later. The weather delay lasted 37 minutes. The northeast Ohio area had been under a severe thunderstorm warning. Game-time temperatures were 60 degrees, but dropping. The National Weather Service said there could be 70 mph wind gusts blowing off of Lake Erie.

Fans were told to seek cover in the FirstEnergy Stadium concourses. Some parts of the city lost power during the storm.

Cleveland Browns Fans Say No Big Deal

Fans on Twitter suggested Cleveland is known for its chilly weather during football season. So what’s the big deal? It wasn’t a blizzard, just some winds nearing hurricane force strength.

Brrr: Houston Texan Players Don’t Know What This Weather Is Like

Cleveland was playing the Houston Texans.

Imagine being a Houston player?

The Texans play in NRG Stadium with its retractable roof. Weather doesn’t get this bad in Texas, but Texans know how to get in out of a storm. Besides, it’s a balmy Sunday in Houston, with temperatures flirting with the 80s.

Now, that’s perfect football weather.

After a bye week, the Browns were 5-3 coming into the game. Weather impacted their last game against the Las Vegas Raiders.

Meanwhile, the Texans spent last Sunday at Jacksonville. Rest assured the team didn’t have to deal with fierce winds and hail during their victory over the Jaguars.

Cleveland defeated the Texans 10-7.