Watch: Clint Bowyer’s Children Surprise Father with Hilarious Interview

by Kayla Zadel

As Clint Bowyer’s career comes to a close, he’s answering some hard-hitting questions. As a matter of fact, the quizzing comes from none other than Bowyer’s two kids, Cash and Presley.

The retired NASCAR driver writes, “This interview was a complete surprise. They got everything set up and told me they needed the kids for a segment of it. I get sat down and ready then all the sudden they come out and sit down in front of me and start firing off questions.❤️”

Clint Bowyer Gets Interviewed by His Kids

During an exit interview with FOX Sports, Bowyer sits down for an interview, but no one’s sitting across from him. In the video, you can see him looking around and then ask, “Who’s interviewing me anyway?”

His two kids come walking out the door and his 6-year-old son, Cash says, “Are you ready for us?”

The young boy is wearing a FOX Sports polo. Bowyer even comments on the attire at the end of the video, and Cash casually (and hilariously) replies with, “I know people.”

Cash starts out the interview with an especially thought-provoking question, “What’s the biggest mess you ever made?” Perhaps Cash has heard this a time or two and now he gets to turn the tables on his dad.

Bowyer answers by laughing, “Well, looking at two of them!” The kids smile and look at the camera.

Furthermore, the follow-up question’s about which baseball team he likes better, “Who do you like better, the Chiefs or the Royals?” while video of Cash wearing a Chiefs and Royals shirt flash on the frame. He answers with, “Gotta love them both. Hey, Pete (nickname referring to his daughter Presley) who do we love? Do we love the Chiefs?”

Bowyer gives his daughter a fist bump, who’s wearing a Kansas City Chiefs’ dress.

The questions continue with does Bowyer know how to tie a tie, as well as what he’s looking forward to the most with his kids as he enters retirement. He says that he’s looking forward to taking his son hunting. But then asks what they’re going to do with Presley. Cash simply replies with the age-old saying, “Boys rule. Girls drool.”

Presley then bows out of the interview so that leaves Cash towing the line. He asks his dad if he and Jeff Gordon are going to “wreck each other” in the booth. Bowyer laughs heartily and says, “We just might!” Bowyer is joining the broadcasting booth next year for the NASCAR season.

Then the question’s asked what are you going to miss most about racing. Bowyer answers with, “Taking you to the race track.” Cash simply answers with it’s still going to happen.

Clint and Cash at the Track

It seems like Clint Bowyer likes any and all forms when it comes to auto racing. In this video posted to Instagram, he shares his son, Cash, racing an older boy on foot while at the Farmington Dragway in North Carolina.

He writes, “Damn I love racing! These kids are loving it too. 👍”