WATCH: College Football Fans Compete in Mayonnaise Eating Contest

by Suzanne Halliburton

College football is back again Thursday night with its wonderful traditions — like two fans competing to see who can eat the most mayonnaise.

The mayo eating contest was part of the first-half of the Duke’s Mayo Classic at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, N.C. It pitted East Carolina against Appalachian State on a neutral field with a bowl like atmosphere in early September.

And this new college football tradition featured fans eating Duke’s Mayo on french fries. Before you say gross, remember that’s how Belgians eat them. And french fries started in Belgium back in the 1600s. Try them with mayo, you may like them.

Outsider tweeted a video shot from the scoreboard at Bank of America Stadium.

The original video, which celebrated why we love college football so much, came from Troy Dreyfus with East Carolina Pirates radio. He tweeted: “A buddy of mine sent me this video. This makes me want to puke. Mayo on fries is disgusting. In fact, mayo on anything is gross… what a nasty product.” (Again, check how the people who created french fries eat them).

College Football Fans Mixed on Mayo

His tweet received a reply from someone who ate the fries and mayo. “I was the app state guy. It sucked. But I got a free shirt.”

Another college football fan answered: “I don’t have fries WITHOUT mayonnaise.” While another twitter user replied: “Mayo on fries is the most elite condiment for fries and I’m willing to die for this cause.”

Again, we love college football. Week zero started last Saturday. But week one officially started Wednesday night.

There were 16 games set for Thursday, then another eight for Friday. The big game Thursday is a Big Ten matchup between Ohio State at Minnesota. The league is allowing conference games right off the bat. Last Saturday, the featured game was Nebraska at Illinois.

There are too many college football games to count on Saturday’s schedule. It will be college football heaven. The best matchups include defending national champion and preseason No. 1 Alabama taking on No. 14 Miami in the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Game in Atlanta. We’re wondering if fans will compete to see who can eat the most nuggets. We take our waffle fries with Chick-fil-A sauce, which is kind of like spicy mayo.

Another matchup between ranked teams is No. 23 Louisiana playing No. 21 Texas. Maybe there will be a queso-eating contest at Royal-Memorial Stadium. Or better yet, brisket.

And, there could be another mayo-eating contest between college football fans Saturday night. That’s because there’s another Duke’s Mayo Classic Game between third-ranked Clemson and No. 5 Georgia.

If it’s college football, it all tastes good.