WATCH: Driver View of Music City GP Course’s Bridges Will Make Your Jaw Shake

by Jonathan Howard

IndyCar came to Nashville for the first time. The Music City GP course looked pretty rough for racers out there. As Colton Herta went over the bridge in Music City, viewers got a look at how rough. While driving city streets is going to lead to some rough patches, the bridge looked to be tooth-chattering.

Of course, Outsider’s own Marty Smith was watching the Music City GP. During the race, Colton Herta was pushing his car from speeds of 55 MPH up to 120+ MPH throughout downtown. When the race got to the bridge, Herta really pushed the pace, despite the bumpy ride. There seemed to be no issue for Herta as he pushed his vehicle to the limits.

Those who have visited the south, and Nashville in particular, know that the roads are not kind to the suspension on a Ford Fusion, let alone a race car a few inches off the ground. Despite the visibly rough road, the clip shows Herta pushing his car to 175 MPH on his way back over the bridge.

Perhaps, the success of the Music City GP will make Nashville an annual destination. If that is the case, maybe the city will invest some money into making their roads a little more IndyCar friendly. The event was set up to be a racing, live music bash. With performers like Brooks & Dunn as well as Jon Pardi set to perform throughout the weekend.

Music City GP Brings New Event to Nashville

Starting tomorrow, Saturday the 7th, races will take place for the SRO GT American and Stadium Super Truck series. Along with a Trans Am Series scheduled for Saturday, there will be lots of fast cars going over the Korean Veterans Memorial Bridge. With practice rounds being conducted Friday over the course, drivers got a glimpse at what the course holds in store for them.

There will be some tricky and smart driving needed to get over the bridge without incident this weekend. If the practice rounds are a glimpse into what is in store, drivers are going to be beaten up along the rough course. On Sunday, the IndyCar race is going to take place for 80 laps. Over 170 miles on the 2.17-mile course.

Keep an eye out for the action this weekend. There will be plenty of views from the ‘molar-rattler’ as Marty Smith put it and lots of fun racing. If you are lucky enough to find yourself in Nashville, find some live music. Among the acts, The Oak Ridge Boys will play alongside Justin Moore and others. That concert will take place after the Music City GP. While there is a lot going on throughout the city, it will be hard to not catch a live performance.