WATCH: Epic Drone Camera Flies Through ‘Field of Dreams’ House at Iowa MLB Game

by Shelby Scott

Whether you’re a fan of baseball, the “Field of Dreams,” both, or neither, you should still take a look at this awesome drone footage from within the famous film’s house. The footage debuted during the MLB “Field of Dreams Game” which took place in Dyersville, Iowa. The location was purposely set right near where the film’s original field was set and still stands today. Along with the field stands the “Field of Dreams” house into which the drone seemingly sored.

The drone camera soared through an open window in the house, entering through the bedroom and seamlessly floating down to the first floor of the house. The bedroom sports all of the trappings of a 1980s film, from the brown leather couch and blue and white buffalo pattern bedspread. The gold-gilded lamp and white lace curtains also giveaway the era in which the film was created.

Downstairs, after the drone pilot doesn’t even brush the walls, viewers take in the oil-lamp-like chandelier over the dining room table and what looks like a small, old-fashioned television. However, regardless of the dated furniture and decorations, the drone footage is incredibly steady and clear. It makes a nice addition to the “Field of Dreams Game” broadcast.

James Earl Jones Outshined “Field of Dreams” House Footage

While the drone footage of the 1989 house is definitely incredible in its clarity and steadiness, it definitely held no candle to the altered version of James Earl Jones’ historic monologue which narrated the momentousness of the “Field of Dreams” game Thursday night.

The 1989 film, “Field of Dreams” spotlights the importance of Jones as narrator. He helps maintain the storyline throughout and provides a vivid and descriptive history of the baseball narrative. As far as the MLB game went, however, fans went wild over Jones’ iconic monologue refit for the game. You can check that out here, but overall, the monologue still has its momentous tone and sets a great scene for the historic game.

“One of baseball’s most memorable nights await,” Jones begins. The clip takes us through a brief play-by-play of what teams play the game in addition to what makes it so historic. It begins its conclusion with the original clip from “Field of Dreams” as Jones walks across the baseball field and says, “The one constant through all the years, Ray, has been baseball.”

While that line in itself hits a hard note in the minds of baseball and “Field of Dreams” film fans alike, the monologue becomes it’s most resounding at the end. “I’m James Earl Jones,” the famed actor says, “Welcome to Iowa and our Field of Dreams.”