WATCH: Fan Uses Ingenuity and a Prosthetic Leg to Catch Baseball at White Sox Game

by Josh Lanier

The White Sox had a great season, but they may be missing a key piece of a championship team. The team should consider signing Shannon Frendreis. What she lacks in speed, she more than makes up for in fielding.

The 27-year-old was in the stands for Chicago’s 5-2 loss to the Tigers last week when a homerun sailed her way. So she pulled off her prosthetic leg, held it up, and caught the ball inside of it. After that, no one seemed to care about the White Sox’s loss. Social Media, ESPN, and sports blogs couldn’t get past Frendreis’ prosthetic prowess. And she did it after having five beers. How many stories start “I’d just finished 5 beers” and end with something good happening?

CBS reported she caught Chicago third baseman Yoan Moncada’s dinger.

Millions have watched the video of her making the improbable catch and thousands more have cheered her on in the comments.

“Let’s talk about how you’re standing on 1 leg 5 beers deep catching a ball with your other leg,” one commenter posted.

Another person wrote, “I’ve heard of getting the upper hand but never getting the upper leg.”


Five beers in, and taking my leg off to catch a ball seemed like a great idea #fypシ #mlb #chicago #barstoolsports #amputeelife @Barstool Sports

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This catch ranks up there with the fan who caught a foul ball in her beer then chugged the beer. Or the dad who caught a ball while holding a beer and his baby. He tossed his kid up, caught the ball, and then caught the kid in a move that had it gone any other way would have led to a divorce and perhaps criminal charges. Legends all.

Marine Cracks Open Beer with Prosthetic Leg

A U.S. Marine showed off his prosthetic during the NFL opening weekend earlier this year, but this leg came with a few extra features. First off, it has some pretty great artwork paying respect to the Corps. But built into the side is a bottle opener. If beer isn’t your thing, the leg also has a built-in flask with an opening at the knee.

Stadiums are pretty strict about bringing in outside drinks. But this is an ingenious way to sneak in some reasonably priced suds. Plus, the man earned a Purple Heart. What security guard is going to tell him he can’t come in?

Zero Blog Thirty shared a snap of the prosthetic on Twitter. The Marine wore it to the Buccaneers versus Cowboys game earlier this season. Sadly, it’s just a photo and we don’t get to see the prosthetic limb at work.

Hopefully, the man will never have to buy his beer. But he’s ready to go at a moment’s notice whenever someone offers him a brew. Who wouldn’t want to share a drink with this guy?