WATCH: Former NFL Star Trent Dilfer Goes Ballistic on Sidelines on One of His High School Players

by Megan Molseed

High school football can be fierce. And, with former NFL player Trent Dilfer as the coach, there’s likely not going to be any room for giving anything but the best out on the football field.

Anyone who has spent an evening watching high school football under the Friday night lights knows what the scene is like. Once the football season starts, the focus on the road to greatness begins.

From daily practices – sometimes a few of these practices a day – regular workouts, weightlifting, and extreme discipline, a high school footballer can be one of the most dedicated players on a field.

And, when Friday night lights spectators see this kind of dedication, there’s usually a coach on the sidelines ready to praise – or discipline – their footballer anytime they need it.

Former NFL quarterback Trent Dilfer is definitely one of those coaches. A former footballer, Dilfer knows how to get his team moving. Maybe a little too well.

The former Baltimore Ravens player and former ESPN football analyst was recently caught on video laying into one of his football players during a Friday evening football game.

The Lipscomb Academy football coach was shown on the video screaming at one of his players.

Trent Dilfer’s Shocking Sideline Performance

According to reports, this tirade came during the Nashville school’s 62-7 winning game against Independence High School.

“Trent Dilfer doesn’t like it when his players talk back,” read the video that was shared to Twitter Saturday morning.

The video had an added caption joking about the repercussions the performance is sure to bring the Lipscomb Academy football team during their next practice.

“They def running at practice,” the post read, followed by a “cringe” emoji.

The video depicts the Super-Bowl champion clearly unhappy with one of his Lipscomb Academy players. Maybe the player talked back to the coach, as the video suggests.

If that’s the case, Dilfer most certainly does NOT like when his players talk back. Most coaches don’t.

Really, it’s probably good advice all around to not talk back to your coach. And, it’s definitely good advice to not talk back to your coach when he is a former NFL quarterback – and a Super Bowl champion.

As Dilfer moves the player along the sidelines, laying into the young player, it is clear tensions are high. However, the tension increases as the young footballer doesn’t seem to be responding to Trent Dilfer’s message. The student soon throws down his helmet as Dilfer is still laying into him.

This did not go over well for Dilfer. You can’t hear what the coach is saying in the video, but if gestures tell us anything, Dilfer is telling the high school football player to pick up the helmet. And sit down.

It is certainly an intense ten seconds. But, the coach is clearly doing something right. Trent Dilfer’s Lipscomb Academy team has prevailed in the first two games of the season. So far the Nashville school’s combined two-game score is 138-14.