WATCH: This Guy Lifting Ice and Log Plates at a Frozen Lake is an Absolute Legend

by Emily Morgan

If you thought lifting weights could get any more hardcore, think again. One man took his squats to another level when he made his plates out of ice and wood. 

On Friday, Steve Cardillo posted an incredible clip via Instagram, showing him squatting his homemade plates. 

“Last night I made some ice plates for @alphaelitesys Ice Land and today I put them to work,” he captioned alongside the video. “Just having some ice fun.” 

Cardillo makes it look easy as he casually picks up the massive weight without breaking a sweat. 

Just as you think it can’t get any more intense, you soon realize that he’s lifting while standing on a sheet of ice. 

Athlete Promotes Fitness In Best-Selling Book

Cardillo is the CEO and owner of his brand, Cardillo Weightbelts. 

As a kid, Cardillo was always involved in fitness. Before creating his signature weight belts, he was a middle school physical education teacher. 

Cardillo has always had a passion for educating people about the proper ways to train, eat and live an overall healthy lifestyle. 

In his book, How A Champion Is Made, he chronicles the weight-training program he used with his nephew, Peter Morel. According to Cardillo, the book intends to get young boys on the right path to success.

“I wrote this book for all parents who want to instill in their sons the determination, leadership skills, and confidence to succeed through weight training and nutrition,” Cardillo said.  

“I describe and demonstrate what every young boy can do to get the most out of his workout routine while maintaining a safe training environment. The book also considers the negative impact on the body and mind of steroid use.”

Initially published in 2011 and relaunched on May 17, 2020, his book became a number-one best-seller in the United States, Canada, and Australia. 

“Teenagers’ training is vital for their development, not only physically but mentally as well, and I’m glad the book has been so well received.”

Cardillo has devoted his life to researching training techniques and nutritional programs for powerlifters, world-class boxers, and other athletes. 

He designed, modeled, and distributed his clothing line, specifically developed for those with athletic builds. 

In 1992, he also designed and manufactured the Reebok Instapump Weightlifting Belt. 

In 1986, Cardillo won the National Drug-Free Power Lifting Championship.