WATCH: High School Basketball Game Put on Hold After Dunk Brings Entire Basket Down

by Josh Lanier

Is anyone else getting young Shaquille O’Neal vibes from this clip of a high school student demolishing a basketball goal? But while O’Neal shattered backboards, KeShawn Murphy yanks down the entire basket — supports and all.

The backboard-breaking dunk happened Friday night in Alabama, Yahoo Sports reported. A teammate feeds Murphy an alley-oop pass and he slams it down. The 6-foot-10-inch, 225 pound senior hangs on the rim for a moment before running up the court. That’s when the basket — board and metal supports bolted to the rafters — break free and swing like a pendulum. The massive structure misses other players by only a few feet in some cases.

They were incredibly lucky no one was hurt in the incident. Referees had to stop the game. It’ll resume on Thursday, Yahoo said.

Murphy’s coach Denton Johnson said the young man has added a lot of strength since joining the program. He expects big things from Murphy, who recently committed to play college basketball at Mississippi State.

“His story is similar to [Los Angeles Lakers forward] Anthony Davis,” Johnson said. “He walked into our program as a 6-3 shooting guard and blossomed into a talented 6-10 forward. KeShawn can handle the ball like a guard and can score at all three levels. He has worked hard and improved a different facet of his game each season. There’s no doubt in my mind that he is a future pro.”

Social Media Goes Nuts over Teenager Pulling Basket Down

Video of KeShawn Murphy pulling down the basket made SportCenter’s Top 10 Friday night. Fans had a lot to say about it. Mostly, they wanted to know who installed the thing so they could make sure to avoid that handyman’s services.

“Glad no one appears to be hurt. Can’t believe some of you idiots think a kid weighing say 200 pounds hanging on a rim is to blame for something like this. Lol. Good lord. If this came down from that, it was absolutely not secured properly. Think a little,” someone tweeted.

“Seriously though, sign that kid! In fact, watch all their reflexes. Not a single kid gets touched! Ballers! Sign all of them!!! Or at least get them a new hoop! Hey @nikebasketball where you at?,” someone else posted.

But of course, there were jokes.

“Everyone just thought I didn’t dunk cause I couldn’t jump high enough. But this the real reason,” one person wrote.

“Shaq be like: ‘That’s nothing. In my day we would have ripped it from the ceiling. These kids are soft,'” someone else posted.