WATCH: James Earl Jones Delivers Awe-Inspiring Monologue for ‘Field of Dreams’ MLB Game

by Shelby Scott

MLB‘s New York Yankees and Chicago White Sox faced off August 12 in Dyersville, Iowa during the much-anticipated Field of Dreams Game. In preparation for the memorable night, the MLB released an awe-inspiring, albeit altered, monologue from the 1989 film, Field of Dreams. It featured none other than the original narrator himself, James Earl Jones.

To best fit the game, filmmakers adjusted the monologue and the scene progression to accurately portray the anticipated day.

The “Field of Dreams Game” took place not far from where the actual movie was filmed. This built much anticipation and excitement for the appropriately titled occasion. According to a CBS article, the actual Field of Dreams is not large enough to accommodate a real-life MLB game. However, organizers hoped that the nearby famous American tourist destination would have some draw for the game itself.

Viewers commented that the iconic voice of James Earl Jones gave them chills, building anticipation with his narration. They also got chills when the actual players, from both teams, emerged from the cornfield. One commenter wrote, “I don’t think there’s any better sound than James Earl Jones saying baseball.” Another said, “Can’t imagine those players’ thoughts walking out of the corn!” Truthfully, I think most baseball and movie fans both would agree.

The Iconic American Baseball Film “Field of Dreams” Has Withstood Decades

For those unaware, the “Field of Dreams Game” is a major highlight in MLB. The film “Field of Dreams” is an American hallmark. Released in 1989, the film focuses on baseball and family throughout history and the way it brings people together, both players and spectators.

During James Earl Jones‘ famous monologue, he states, “The one constant throughout all the years…has been baseball.”

As the renewed clip nears its end, we hear the icon say, “I’m James Earl Jones. Welcome to Iowa and our Field of Dreams.”

While baseball fans surely feel a rush as the clip concludes, the film itself sports a much longer version of the monologue. The original version highlights the hardships main character Ray and the American people have endured, and the way that the game of baseball has withstood all challenges as America has been torn down and rebuilt over and over again.

James Earl Jones is Also the Voice of Darth Vader

While the iconic actor is well-known for his famous narration of “Field of Dreams,” some may not realize that he is also the iconic voice of Darth Vader in the Star Wars movie series. Known for his deep voice, it’s fitting that the actor would take on this role. The first of the movies premiered in 1977.

However, Jones seems to partake in a wide variety of roles as he also starred as the voice of Mufasa in the hit Disney movie, “The Lion King.” According to Britannica, Jones was the only actor from the animated version of the movie to maintain his role in the much newer remake.

So between “Field of Dreams,” “Star Wars,” and “The Lion King,” and others of course, there’s no escaping the American actor’s prominence in the world of filmmaking.