WATCH: Lamar Jackson Hilariously Says He Threw A ‘Dumba–‘ Interception in Post-Game Interview

by Will Shepard

Lamar Jackson is as genuine as anyone out there. After winning his first-ever NFL playoff game, he spoke to the media while still on the field.

During the first quarter of the Baltimore Ravens and Tennessee Titans game, Jackson threw an interception. After the Titans marched down the field and scored on their opening possession, Jackson got the ball back.

Down 7-0, Jackson got the first down on two plays. But, then at the Baltimore 36-yard line, on first down Lamar Jackson threw an interception to Malcolm Butler.

After the game, talking with ESPN, Jackson explains how bad of a play his interception was. He says that it was certainly a mistake throwing the ball the way he did.

Lamar Jackson Explains his Interception

Lamar Jackson says that he played an okay game but thinks his passing could have been better. In particular, he labels his interception as a play that he should have done far better.

“You know, we had to put points on the board. We controlled the ball pretty good, and you know I threw an interception, a dumb–s, I’m sorry. I threw a dumb interception.”

Even though this game isn’t being broadcast to the country as the “Nickelodeon” game, Jackson immediately apologizes. Any time a player is taken from the throes of celebrating a game, there’s a high likelihood they’ll swear. Especially coming off of his first-ever playoff win, Jackson is certainly still in “playing the game” mode.

As always, though, most of the time an athlete swearing on national television is funny. Even if your kids watched Lamar Jackson’s interview, the way he handled the mess up is absolutely hilarious. Certainly, he was raised in a polite family as he immediately notices the swear and apologizes.

As for the game itself, Jackson played well. He threw for just shy of 200 yards, and he also ran for almost 150 yards and a touchdown. Those statistics are good enough for the first postseason win of his career. So, congratulations Lamar Jackson and hopefully there won’t be more colorful interviews in the future.