WATCH: Los Angeles Lakers’ Alex Caruso Shows Off ‘New Look’ After Shaving for Cancer Research

by Charles Craighill

On Instagram, Los Angeles Lakers star Alex Caruso posted a video of him shaving his head. The guard explained how the razor company, Manscaped, offered to donate $10,000 to the Testicular Cancer Society in return for his hair cut. Not only did Caruso raise $10 grand for cancer research with the post, but he also reminded us to “check yourself at least once a month.”

Manscaped offered to donate $10k to the Testicular Cancer Society,” Caruso said in the caption. “If I used the Lawn Mower 3.0 for a fresh cut. I’m pumped to support this great cause and the new look isn’t too bad either! Link in bio for more info on testicular cancer awareness.”

To be fair, shaving his head must have been an easy decision for Alex Caruso as he didn’t have much hair in the first place. If anything, the fresh shave improved his looks. Either way, he was all smiles and the video and clearly eager to help out.

Alex Caruso Reminds You to Check Yo’ Self!

As Alex Caruso says at the end of the Instagram video, “remember to check yourself once a month” for testicular cancer. Manscaped, the partnered company, also encourages the protection of your privates. Testicular Cancer is the leading form of cancer in men aged 15-35. In order to catch it in the early stages, they recommend checking for any testicular abnormalities regularly.

As he mentioned in the video, Alex Caruso left a link in his bio for more information on Testicular Cancer. At that link, Manscaped partnered with the Testicular Cancer Society to provide further resources. For instance, in a video on their website, former “Jackass” actor, Steve-O, tells us how to check for warning signs for testicular cancer.

While it may be difficult to take health advice from someone like Steve-O, the TCS supports everything he says. So listen to the experts, listen to Alex Caruso, hell, even listen to Steve-O and help “save your balls” by checking yourself consistently.