Watch: Luke Bryan Fires Back at Tim Tebow, Puts ‘Curse on Florida Gators’

by Quentin Blount

Country star Luke Bryan and former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow are engaging in a bit of friendly rivalry before the upcoming Florida-Georgia college football game.

The country singer trash-talked the athlete on Instagram and put a “curse” on the Gators.

Although Bryan didn’t graduate from the University of Georgia, he is still a fan of their football team. Meanwhile, Tebow rose to national prominence as the quarterback for the University of Florida in college. Bryan appeared in an Instagram video explaining how he acquired Tebow’s Heisman Trophy. Tebow won the award in 2007.

Luke Bryan Won Heisman Award Temporarily in an Auction

Bryan, a die-hard Georgia fan, said Thursday that he and his wife won the rights to the trophy for 6 months at a charity auction last year. They won by donating cash to the Brett Boyer Foundation.

The country singer revealed that Tebow was good on his word and delivered the trophy to Bryan’s house. However, Bryan says Tebow waited until this week, just days before the Gators-Bulldogs game on Saturday, to deliver the award. Bryan believes something was sketchy about the timing of all that.

To combat that, Bryan kept the trophy covered with a Georgia hoodie and says he’s “putting a curse” on the Gators.

“Tim somehow delivered it last week, the week before the Georgia-Florida game,” Bryan said. “I feel it was an effort to bring back mojo into my household. So, ladies and gentlemen, there’s Tim’s Heisman. Just to prove to you he made good on his promise. But I got this all week to put a curse on the Florida Gators.”

Meanwhile, Bryan has been having fun with Tebow’s Heisman Trophy. He posted hiliarous videos to his Instagram account showing him use the trophy as a hat holder and a towel rack.

Kickoff is set for 3:30 p.m. ET in Jacksonville where the No. 8 Gators will face the No. 5 ranked Bulldogs. However, if Florida isn’t playing as well as they normally do, Bryan may be to blame.