WATCH: Minnesota Vikings’ Justin Jefferson Fires Off Explicit Complaint at Kirk Cousins After Miss

by Suzanne Halliburton

Earmuff them if your kids are close to your phone or laptop. Justin Jefferson and his curse word got picked up by a super-sensitive boom microphone Sunday afternoon as his Minnesota Vikings played Chicago.

With no crowd noise, the comment could be heard clearly by a regional television audience. And of course, Twitter users amplified it. Because when a player tosses an F-bomb, people listen. It gets especially dicey when the word is directed towards the team’s starting quarterback.

Plus, Jefferson is a rookie. Will the youngsters ever learn not to speak to their elders this way?

Justin Jefferson Is a Rookie Star

Jefferson’s F-bomb came on the drive right before half time. Later in the game, Jefferson broke Randy Moss’ team rookie record for catches in a season.

It’s quite an achievement for Jefferson. Moss is in the conversation when talking about the NFL’s best-ever receiver. Moss caught 69 passes during his rookie season in 1998. Jefferson put an exclamation point on the record. On the second drive of the third quarter, Jefferson caught a 26-yard pass to break the standard.

Moss also caught 15 touchdowns his rookie season. That’s an NFL record for first-year players. Jefferson would need an extraordinary close to the season to approach Moss’ record. Coming into Sunday’s game, Jefferson had seven scores.

Jefferson also introduced his “Griddy Dance” to the league back in the third week of the season. It’s his celebratory touchdown down.

Jefferson could be frustrated because he’s not used to so much losing. In 2019, he was an All-American for LSU, the undefeated national champions. The Vikings picked Jefferson in the first round in April’s draft.

Meanwhile, Cousins, with 12 interceptions, isn’t setting defensive secondaries on fire this season. The pick total is third-worst in the NFL. Cousins’ other passing stats are benign. He’s basically around the middle of the pack. Cousins’ play is partly why the Vikings were one game under .500 coming into Sunday’s game.

Chicago’s’ pass rush got to Cousins on the play that drew Jefferson’s ire. The rush flushed Cousins from the pocket. He rolled to his left and threw off his back foot. The ball sailed high. Jefferson appeared to be running a corner route. The Vikings settled for a 24-yard field goal to cut the score to 20-10.

The Bears won the game, 33-27. But Jefferson pulled his weight for the Vikings’ offense. He caught eight passes for 104 yards.