Watch: NFL Hall-of-Famer Terry Bradshaw Responds to Michael Strahan Calling Him ‘a Trainwreck’

by Will Shepard

FOX Sport’s Terry Bradshaw got on “The Kelly Clarkson Show” to talk about his new E! show, “Bradshaw Bunch”. Kelly Clarkson had a surprise waiting for Bradshaw via Michael Strahan.

In the midst of the Youtube clip, Clarkson showed Bradshaw’s co-worker Strahan making fun of the Hall-of-Famer. Clarkson brings up how Bradshaw works as an NFL analyst for the ultra-popular “FOX NFL Sunday” show.

Skip to 2:29 mark in the video to watch Bradshaw get exposed by Strahan

Not only does Strahan call Clarkson a train wreck, but also, and perhaps more importantly, calls Bradshaw one. In the hilarious interview, Strahan makes fun of Bradshaw’s unique sportscaster tactics. The two immediately begin laughing about it.

Bradshaw Old, And Getting Younger

Additionally, Clarkson says that Strahan is making fun of her too, to which Bradshaw responded, “well you know, that’s a compliment”. Bradshaw’s logic here is flawless. Without a doubt, Strahan is just joking, but perhaps there is an air of truth to the “train wreck”?

As for himself, he points out that, he’s 72 years old, going on 2 years old. Bradshaw says that he is reverting back to his childish ways, making this clip all the more pertinent. So after all, maybe it isn’t too far from the truth.

One Twitter user points out an interesting fact.

Although, FOX’s show is a seamless and noteworthy telecast that millions of people watch weekly. Bradshaw’s antics give an air of lightheartedness and comedy that other sports broadcasts lack. So, all things considered, there isn’t much about the sportscast that needs to change, if anything.

As for the former quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers, he is well on his way to carrying his own TV show. Now that he and his family have a new hit show, his craziness seems to only just be getting unlocked.

In truth, Clarkson brought up the train wreck thought, so don’t blame Strahan too much for making fun of the Hall-of-Famer.